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I studied Lesson 66 in ACIM:

“My happiness and my function are one.”

According to ACIM God gives us only happiness, and God gave us our function, so what is the logical conclusion?
Our function must be happiness.
Our reason for being is to be happy.
Fulfilling our function is what brings us happiness.

I find this to extraordinarily true in a world where happiness seems to be rather an outward pursuit than an inward journey.

Everything in the world teaches you to look for happiness outside of you.
Even after years of spiritual studying we still can NOT give up our yearning and searching for happiness on the outside.
We look for happiness in material, cars, luxury, family, food, sports etc.
Yet nothing can give it to us. Only for a temporary moment these things fill us up with pleasure.

Every society wants you to be in control. The society is afraid of your wild nature, it is afraid of your naturalness, so from the very beginning it starts clipping your wings.

It is time we stop clipping our wings and access our true inheritance: omnipresent happiness.

You are actually angel – you just have clipped wings.

It’s time to put back on your wings & claim your inheritance.
Rise up my warrior, rise up you beautiful creature of god and claim your divinity.
You are made to be successful.
You are made to be peaceful.
You are made to be happy.

It is in your DNA.
All we have to do is NOT to look for happiness – because it is already here – but to remove the barriers that obstruct your access to it.

If we think about all the ways we’ve tried to find happiness following our egos—as we are instructed to think about, here in the lesson—we must admit, if we are perfectly honest, that none of them have worked.

My mission with my 9 Week Online Course is to help you LIVE YOUR HAPPY 24/7 by helping your access your Higher Self and claim the happiness you already are.

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Eternal Blessings,