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Live Your Happy Online

9 Weeks – 9 Healing Sessions – 9 LIVE Webinars

What is Live Your Happy Online?

Live Your Happy Online is a 9 Week LIVE interactive Online Course. It is designed to implement LONG-term happiness in your life by overcoming barriers that keep you from your Love within while having FUN.

Weekly Homework PDFs & Classes | 1on1 Accountability System

I think it’s about time we live our true inheritance:
➤➤➤ Happiness.
- Maria Felipe





  • starts 15th January 2019
  • limited to 20 people
  • 9 weekly Sessions
  • Every Tuesday 5PM PST / 8PM EST
  • 9 LIVE in-depth 1on1 Webinars with Maria
  • Weekly Homework PDFs + Workbook
  • 1on1 Accountability System
  • access to private Facebook Group
  • + Gary Renard as Guest Teacher

What You’ll Learn

WEEK 1 How to Turn your Biggest Problems into your Biggest Happiness Lessons

WEEK 2 How to Undo the Ego – by learning about the 3 Ego-Tricks that keep you stuck

WEEK 3 How to Release Past/Future Barriers & Stay Present with only 2min / day

WEEK 4 How to See Relationships differently & Recognize that you are the Love of your Life

WEEK 5 How to Tap into your Inner Wisdom & release all Judgements – Daily Meditation

WEEK 6 How to Truly Forgive someone/yourself 7 Step Forgiveness Process

WEEK 7 How to Claim your Happiness by letting go of compulsive worry

WEEK 8 How to Claim True Abundance & being at peace about money

WEEK 9 How to Set up Your “Happy Plan” that teaches you how to trust and

9 Week Online Course

9 Weeks – 9 Healing Sessions – 9 LIVE Webinars
Best Decision Ever
The Live Your Happy 9-week course is a truly powerful and enlightening experience. It is not only the perfect application of A Course in MIracles (ACIM) but it is a fabulously light-hearted approach to spirituality (we always tend to make it so heavy & intellectual). You have a direct link to Maria’s own thoughts on how to best implement her suggestions in your life.
This 9-Week course finally made ACIM and the practice of it more tangible and realistic for me. I was excited to listen to Maria expand on the ideas in the book. Her Homework PDFs were powerful and added a new layer to my spiritual practice. This course was really impactful and I have seen changes in my life already. By watching the LIVE video sessions I feel like I have a pocket size version of Maria with me always! PLUS you can always email her 24/7 for clarification – I found that to be very helpful.
Marin M.

Maria is a Light!
I am so grateful to the universe for guiding me to Maria and her 9 Week Online Program. I approached Maria because I wanted to deepen the positive learning experience I had attending the initial webinar for her first book “Live Your Happy”.
Maria helped me by pulling back the “curtain” on the gift that I was keeping away from myself.
The result was a profound shift to my right-mindedness.
The one thing I liked was her ability to love and support unconditionally throughout this divine process.
I would recommend Maria to anyone who is struggling with & truly ready to LIVE & EMBODY their happiness NOW!
Carly G.

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What do I get access to when I join?
You get access to:
– 9 weekly LIVE-Stream classes with Maria
– Homework PDFs
– Meditations & Exercises from her book “Live Your Happy”
– private Facebook Group for accountability
Do I have access to the videos after the LIVE-stream?
You’ll have lifetime access to the course, its LIVE video recordings and Homework PDFs so you can return to the material anytime and learn at your own pace.
Is this a recorded class?
This class is LIVE. However you will have access to the recorded LIVE-streams afterwards, so you can come back anytime and study.
Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?
We are convinced of our contribution to your healing and enlightentment. If you are not getting the healing out of this program as you expected we promise you to give you 100% of your money back.
Just write us an email at:
[email protected]
Why is Live Your Happy Program priced the way it is?
A lot of people who were wanting to commit to ongoing transformation of their minds simply couldn’t afford my 1on1 coaching. So I developed Live Your Happy – an Online Group program – and the content within it to reach those who were committed to healing.
Do I need to buy the book?
The book is essential to this program and many of the exercises and homework PDFs are based on it.
Write me an email if you want a personal copy signed – [email protected]

I’m looking forward

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limited to 20 people
payment plans available 
write us an email at [email protected]

We are convinced of our contribution to your healing and enlightenment. If you are not getting the healing out of this program as you expected we promise you to give you 100% of your money back.
PS: If you can’t afford this program, we also offer scholarships – just write us an email: [email protected]

“I will be your spiritual mentor, but you will need to do the work. Right now all you need is what the Course in Miracles calls ‘a little willingness,’ and the rest will follow. Declare now: I am willing. And then let’s do this!”

– Maria Felipe