Live Your Happy Workbook + FREE Meditation

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This is our OFFICIAL Live Your Happy Workbook
Dimensions: 8.5″ l x 11″ w (Letter Size) – Print Ready
35 Pages

So you can do the work at home by yourself.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to DO THE WORK. To really dig deep in your spiritual existence.
I always remember the quote from the book “Conversations with God”:

“The largest question facing the human race is not when will you learn, but when will you act on what you’ve already learned?”

Isn’t that the truth? Yes, we know everything already. You know everything already. You just need to start applying & acting on what you’ve learnt.
This is what this workbook is all about – doing the work.
You are without doubt on the way to change your world, because when we change the way we look at the world, our world changes.
So congratulations, you’ve made the first step.
Now it is time to put in the work and dedication, to yourself, to all of us, because when you heal we ALL heal.
The next few days & weeks will be a radical transformation of your mind, because you are ready – otherwise you would not be here.
So I invite you – commit to yourself, do the work & make yourself SHINE realizing that you have everything to be happy NOW.

2 reviews for Live Your Happy Workbook + FREE Meditation

  1. Isabella M.

    I can NOT stress enough HOW MUCH this workbook helped me to actually apply the lessons & exercises in the “Live Your Happy” Book by Maria Felipe.
    It includes all exercises of the 9 Chapters in the book and helped me so much to change my perspective and actually LIVE my HAPPINESS IN MY DAILY LIFE.
    I am so grateful especially for Chapter 1 and the exercise of the BIG DEALS – I finally got to write down all my concerns, something I’d never take the time for AND I got to transform them in Chapter 2.
    Outstanding work & GREAT VALUE for what you get.

  2. Agnes B.

    I found this book in Barnes & Nobles and was taken away by the simplicity of Maria Felipe. I am so grateful she offers this workbook which helped me a lot to get in tune with myself. Especially the FREE MEDITATION was helpful to me. I’ve been doing it every day since I bought the workbook.
    You can feel how much soul and light she poured into her work. After I bought it I immediately printed it out and started with the first chapter. I am so happy that this is downloadable and I don’t have to wait until it is shipped.
    I love love LOVE this workbook – thank you for helping me transforming my mind and learning HOW TO embody my happiness within.

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