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Authentic, Charismatic and Funny!

Rev. Maria Felipe is always engaging, inspirational, and incredibly candid. She is the personification of
enthusiasm and love in both English and Español!

– Christine Coyle
President of the Board
Unity Of Burbank


 Maria Felipe Cuban-American born in Miami; she stands at 5’9″ tall with a personality to match. Her charisma has captivated thousands across the United States and beyond.

People magazine referred to Maria as ’’Una Campeona Sin Rival,’’ which means a champion without a rival. This has become the hallmark quote to identify the determination and success of this vivacious and incredibly talented best-selling Author and Speaker.

Maria speaks from the heart and people can’t help but cry and laugh with her. The audience always takes away life changing insights and  practical tools to be the happiest person ever!

Her powerful talks are around Happiness, Abundance, Trust, Self-Love and More! She can curate a talk on what may serve your community. 

Coming from a TV Hosting background and being LIVE on national television for many years. Maria is quick on her feet and feels very comfortable in front of small and bigger audiences. 

Check out some of Maria’s speaking videos here.


You can expect Maria Felipe to be your spiritual instructor and cheerleader, creating a space for you to give birth to your truth and heal all that needs to be healed so you may live a life you are worthy of.

Maria’s workshops are one of a kind. No workshop is alike as Maria “tunes into” the energy of the group and what serves best for the collective.

Maria’s “Live Your Happy” Workshop has touched the lives of hundreds in the USA and Beyond.

Currently Maria is also offering online workshops. Check out the events page for more information. 

NEW! The Happiness Online Masterclass inspired by the Live Your Happy Workshop is available now click HERE. 

We highly recommend Maria Felipe as a speaker!
For several years Maria has been a guest a speaker for many international ACIM
conferences, including in New York City, San Francisco and Europe.

As a speaker, she is dynamic and entertaining. She presents the message of A
Course in Miracles with humor and deep insight. She captures the attention of her
audience with interactive activities, encouraging them to participate with her in
her presentation.

As people join with her, they feel enlightened and experience a
deep awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit in them. Participants take with
them tools they can practice in their everyday lives.

Mary & Robert Stoelting, Founders of Pathways of Light

I feel so blessed to have been in Maria’s Workshop. Maria is such a great teacher and she’s so full of enthusiasm, genuine heartfelt love and joy.

During the workshop I felt so much gratitude for her honesty, she shares from her own life and she uses her life experience to share great teachings from ACIM. 

Maria is a gifted teacher who deliver’s beautiful messages from Spirit. I felt the Love, Presence and Peace pour from Maria. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss Maria’s next workshop and get your Happy On!!

Mary Lu

Book Maria for Speaking

Maria is available for Speaking and Workshop Engagements. If you’re interested you can contact her assistant here.

[email protected]

Her most popular speaking topics are:

  1. 4 Steps to Happiness
  2. Authenticity is sexy
  3. The power to heal is within you
Having known Maria Felipe for many years and heard her speak her truth, I knew this would be an excellent book. I wasn’t disappointed. I believe Live Your Happy will make you more aware of your true nature, and help you live your life in a way that will remove the barriers that prevent you from experiencing it. I highly recommend this important and entertaining book.
Gary Renard

Best-Selling Author - The Disappearance of the Universe