is your Function!


is your Function!


Maria Felipe is an international speaker, healer and the author of the best-selling book Live Your Happy. A Cuban-American born in Miami, she is 5’9” with a towering personality to match.

After experiencing success as a model and actress, including hosting World Wrestling Federation TV shows, she felt called inward and studied to become a reverend at Pathways of Light, an accredited school inspired by A Course in Miracles.

She brings her unique, truly helpful and happy message to non-denominational church’s and venues across the USA and beyond! She also leads life changing workshop on Happiness and Self-love.

People magazine referred to Maria as “Una Campeona Sin Rival,’’ which means a champion without a rival. This has become the hallmark quote to identify the determination and success of this vivacious, dynamic teacher and speaker.

Maria lives with her husband, Christian and her son, Ari, in Naples, Florida.

“Maria does a great job of reminding us that getting happier should be fun!”

Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD - Author of Love is Letting Go of Fear

My Philosophy

Hola Happy Soul!

I am Maria Felipe & I am here to show you that you already have everything to be happy right now. In fact we are inherently happy already – we just have forgotten.

How can we do that?
Simply by making the choice.
The choice of actually wanting to be happy and remembering our birth right:
omnipresent happiness.

This is why I am here – to remind you that you have everything and you LACK NOTHING.

In Happiness & Gratitude,

PS: I invite you to affirm & embody for one day that YOUR function here on this planet is Happiness.

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Book Maria for Speaking

Maria is available for Speaking and Workshop Engagements. If you’re interested you can contact her assistant here.

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Her most popular speaking topics are:

  1. 4 Steps to Happiness
  2. Authenticity is sexy
  3. The power to heal is within you
Having known Maria Felipe for many years and heard her speak her truth, I knew this would be an excellent book. I wasn’t disappointed. I believe Live Your Happy will make you more aware of your true nature, and help you live your life in a way that will remove the barriers that prevent you from experiencing it. I highly recommend this important and entertaining book.
Gary Renard

Best-Selling Author - The Disappearance of the Universe