Are you truly READY to be happy?

You might be wondering what happened. What changed that allowed me to recognize I was the love of my life? The truth is, before this happened, I really did not have any idea how my mind worked. I was studying the Course and other perspectives, but I was not experiencing what I was reading because my unconscious belief in separation prevented me from adopting a new outlook. What made the difference is that I finally became ready to be happy. I had to decide to choose happiness, and only I could do so; books and courses could not decide for me.

We are each the decision maker in our own lives, and when we tap into that power, we are ready to rumble in miracles!
I became ready by learning to recognize when I was holding on to a grievance or looking for happiness “out there.” These are both ways of telling ourselves that the God within ourselves is not real, and so we seek to be “saved” by finding some kind of solution elsewhere. With practice, I began to notice these thoughts and feelings and give them over to the Holy Spirit.

I constantly practiced giving things over, even if I felt this process was not working. I would “choose again” — and again. The more I did, the more I could see a whole world inside me, so incredibly lovely and not dependent on external things. I got unhooked from the world outside, which mattered less and less.

I used this mantra:
I am the love of my life because I am God’s.

Using this practice, I slowly cultivated genuine self- love, which means experiencing my true self within God. Once I felt this, having a boyfriend wasn’t as important.
You can choose as well.

You choose to be the love of your life when you are ready to be. That choice can take place right now. All you need to declare is “I am willing!” You make the choice for truth, the right mind, holy love, or God — what- ever you want to call it. Then you start to live that choice.

Practice: Seeing relationships Differently

Think of the relationships in your life that feel strained — where there is lots of ego and not much honesty.

Write down the names of the people in these relationships.
Then, take a few deep breaths and bring yourself to complete stillness.
Think of each person, and as he or she passes through your mind, ask the Holy Spirit within:

What is this relationship for?
How can I see it another way?
How can this relationship serve love?

Next, write down what you receive from the Holy Spirit.

Don’t be confused if what you’re writing doesn’t make sense at first. Trust the process even if it seems that you’re not getting insights.

You can even write, “I am not getting insights,” until you begin to feel or sense something new. This will help you get in touch with your inner wisdom. With practice and repetition, you will begin to have new insights about your most important and challenged relationships.


May you have a blessed day & become ready for YOUR happiness,

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