In this interview I have Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Speaker – Karen Kenny – on. She shares with us epic insights on how to forgive and get the hell out of your own way. She is a Boston spitfire who talks straight to your heart & mind with her impeccable techniques and clues around Living Fearless!
This interview in my opinion is better than some talks from Master Teachers due to Karen’s authenticity and practicality she brings to life.


-How to deal with a loss (Karen shares a personal story on how she was able to forgive the man that killed her mother)
– How to choose love over fear
– Forgivness
-How valuing form hurts us
– Spiritual Morning Routine
– Karen shares helpful nuggets of her spiritual practice

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Maria Felipe:                00:03                Hi everyone and welcome to Live Your Happy TV. I am Maria Felipe and I am so excited to be joining you with just another amazing guest on, on our channel. Um, I love doing these every month and I love bringing somebody new and Christians really has a good eye for bringing us really great teachers. And He fell in this, this gem and I just really like her. She’s very spunky. She kind of reminds me of, of like the Boston version of me. And she has a spiritual mentor and a writer and a speaker and her name is Karen Kenney. And she’s the founder of Fearless Flow. She does her brand and she helps people get the hell out of their way. She says the word F, but I’m seeing all these people get the hell out of their own way, which I love because it’s, you know, my book is called live your happy, get out over your own way and find the love within. So it’s totally in alignment with my work. So I figured, Hey, let’s have her on. So,

Karen Kenney:              01:14                Hey, thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited. I’ve been aware of you and your sweetie, um, as individuals, but I wasn’t aware that you were together and I’m so excited to like make that connection, have that Aha moment. I love the work that both of you are doing. I have your, uh, we just talking about that. I have your book back here. Love it. Yeah. So it’s such a joy and a pleasure to be a guest, so thank you for having me.

Maria Felipe:                01:37                Well, I’m grateful to be here and I love that my book is such in Good Company with Gary’s books because his books are so good.

Karen Kenney:              01:43                So it’s an honor. I have a ton of, I actually like my course in miracles library is huge, but most of it’s downstairs, but I was like, ah, I have a few, I have a few pm today in case we need to reference them or whatever. But I definitely wanted to bring you guys up, psl.

Maria Felipe:                01:59                Awesome. Thank you. Well, the first thing I wanted to get started with is when you say you help people get out of their own way or out of their way, what do you mean? I mean, I think for me it’s that we’re all,

Karen Kenney:              02:13                so I’m a writer and a storyteller. And so as a storyteller I love stories. And what I always say is, you know, stories are a total blast until your story is that telling you, and I always say like, I love to tell stories, but as soon as your story sad to tell you that you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not lovable, that you are a sin sinner. Like whatever the crap is that you’re, you’re ahead is telling you, then we’re in trouble. And so one of the things I like to help people do is to, um, I talk about it like an a four step process where we tell the story, right? We acknowledge, okay, these are the things I believe that happened within this illusion or whatever. Tell the story, let go of the story, rewrite the story, and then go out into the world and live the new story.

Karen Kenney:              02:57                And I think so often we do get in our own ways about these conditioned beliefs or these old stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. I brothers and sisters, the world, what God is, who we think we are. And we’re always just getting in our own way, all those barriers at the core stocks about, and I, all these barriers to our own awareness of love’s presence. And so I like to kind of go in and help people remove the barriers and get out of their own way so that they can actually have like what you talk about, like live in a really happy, joyous way and, and not this fake kind of, I’m just going to fake it till I make it, but like really truly feel aligned and connected, um, with your spiritual team, with God, with love, and so that they can show up in a really helpful way so that they actually show up in the world as being helpful and not a hindrance.

Karen Kenney:              03:48                Yeah. And, and I love that you say feel, you know, you’ve got to feel your feelings. There’s a part of my book that I actually say that feel your feelings and the courses teaching. And it’s actually to really go within and to heal, um, you know, all that darkness to really go within and see and feel and you have to go through that kind of purge of all that. Um, all that unconscious guilt that is within, which is relates to all the stories that we make up and grow us and our barriers. And so I feel like it’s, it’s important what you’re saying, cause I feel that some people would just want to skip and not feel fat, don’t want to do the work. And they’re like, Oh, I want to heal. But not really because they just like didn’t just want to jump over and they don’t want to feel your feelings.

Karen Kenney:              04:33                They want to just, you know, watch tv or you know, not meditate or not do the work. So it’s interesting. So I love that you say that. The part about, you know, really going there and digging, digging deep and, and, and going, seeing what those barriers are, rewriting stories. Cause I think that one of the reasons we suffer is because of, of the stories that we’ve made up that are not even remotely true, but they feel very real. Yes, yes. And so one of the things I always tell my mentoring clients, you know, we hear it a lot, like it can be so easy for course, of miracles, people to do the hall, but it’s not real. And I’m like, yeah, but you’re missing the level of teaching where it feels real to people. So I always say to people, yes, don’t make it real and really just don’t make it a big deal.

Karen Kenney:              05:19                This is, this is, this is just the human experience in the illusion is that we do feel separate and we do feel competitive and we do feel a little insane. You know? And one of the lines, I love him, of course in miracles where it says, forgive yourself your madness. And that’s what it is. We kind of have this madness, you know, about us. And I think that until you, so in Yoga we often say in order to heal, you need to feel. And it’s like, so it’s not skipping that important part of acknowledging your suffering. And, and, and what I always say to people is just don’t build an altar to your suffering. Don’t set a plate for it at your table. Have experience. Acknowledge, yes, this thing happened. But you know, Marianne talks about it. Um, my friend Marianne Williamson once said, beautiful thing to me.

Karen Kenney:              06:05                She said, anytime that you don’t drag your past into the present, you are reborn. And I love to think about that. And like so many of us do is like, we carry this big bag full of our past in our history and our stories and it’s like we show up in relationships and then we’re like, hi, it’s me and here’s all my shit. He’s all my stuff that I’m bringing with me. And it’s like, oh, I’ll set. No thanks. You know what I mean? So it’s like our job to like come correct and really look at those places where we are hauling around these unresolved feelings. And once you actually face them and meet them head on, you can transform them with the help of spirit, Holy Spirit, Jesus, whoever you consider to be, you know, your help is, you know.

Maria Felipe:                06:51                Yeah. It’s so powerful. I love everything you’re shaking because I feel that, you know, we, we, we make things going back to what you were saying before is like, we really make things matter. Um, and I talk about this a lot of like we make it such a big deal and we get tranced out and, um, you know, the spirit, it’s very light. It’s very flowy. It doesn’t, it doesn’t make things so real, but that the eagle makes it very real and it feels real because we’re feeling it. Yes. The story thing is really, I identify with it, especially the relationships part, because, you know, my, my biggest grievance in this lifetime and one of my biggest forgiveness lessons has been relationships, which I could relate to being, you know, I would get lost in my relationships, especially with men. I would make men, my God.

Maria Felipe:                07:35                Yes. Um, towards the end I remember, you know, towards the end of my book, I talk about this, of that I finally had a healing when I was able to do the work that you do, which is, which is go back to my stories. And I remember that one day I was suffering on my couch and just thinking about the sky I was going out with then thinking of a hallmark of how am I going to text him? How am I going to get them to come over after he told me that he wasn’t good at relationship material and I’m trying to get him over to my house

Karen Kenney:              08:05                after he’s told you I’m no good and you incest, I know it’ll be different. Oh well fix it. Yeah. Cause we’re crazy. Yeah. Forgive yourself your madness. Because we’re nuts. Yes. Go ahead and sorry. This is what we do. So, so

Maria Felipe:                08:18                I was like on the couch and thinking and I don’t know. And then all of a sudden I just felt so sad. I was like, why can I have the opposite of this? Why can’t I have the opposite of the stress? Why can I have the opposite of like, I’m not worthy of love? Why can’t this be easy? Like I feel like, um, I feel like I, this, this didn’t come easy to me, this, this, this thing with, with having relationship and love in my life. Oh, romance and the Holy Spirit. I literally, I had like a revelation of just a, uh, inspire thought that said you need to forgive and you know, the course, which we’ll get into now. You know, we’ll talk about forgiveness. But yes. And I was like, I need to forgive and I need to forgive what you know, and the voice and the voice said, you need to forgive your father.

Maria Felipe:                09:03                And my father had passed away from, he committed suicide when I was three months old. So basically I downloaded the seventh step. It’s called, it’s funny, it’s called the seven step fearless process. So it goes to help me with what you, with your work. It was really the seven step forgiveness process, but we put it in the fearless chapter. So it’s seven step fearless. And I had to do what you’re saying. I went back and had to go back in time and go back to the story that I made up about my father. I made it mean that he abandoned me when he committed suicide. Yes. And then not only that, Karen, the voice said I had to forgive all the men in my life. I had to go back in time and forgive them all. And I was like, Holy Shit, that’s a big list. That’s a big list.

Maria Felipe:                09:50                So I went through every week I, I, I pick every week. Every day I picked a few, a few men, and every day I healed and I went back in time of the story I made up about it. And then with Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, help me to be able to rewrite the story and to be able to see it differently. So it’s kind of what you’re talking about, which is really neat. And I feel that, that, that process, even though it kicked my ass, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Still tired. It was like having the flu. Yes. I feel that at that moment, Karen, I felt that finally I had had a healing happen of where I was able to allow Christian to come in my life because there was no space for him. And where I was before his soul would not, would not be with, uh, so like mine at the time that was so neat and wasn’t looking for love outside of me and for him to complete me. Christian soul does not like that. So do I need it to have like this clean slate and this selfless to be able to have such a beautiful spirit? Yes.

Karen Kenney:              11:05                Yeah. I told him, I’m hearing everything you saying loud and clear and I’m just like laughing because I’m like, Yup, Yup. Um, yeah. I’ve been telling my students or my clients like, it’s hard to be full of God that’s had to be full of love when you’re already full of shit. And so it’s like they’ll totally being able to go in and however you describe it, like heal those wounds, let go of the stories we rewrite the story is like the language doesn’t even really matter. It’s just that you’re actually doing the work and, and that’s forgiveness, this forgiveness task, this overwhelming tasks that you just described where you had to go in and do all that. Um, I had my own version of it and my version of it is, is that my mom was murdered when I was 12 and she started coming to me in my dreams and saying, I’ve forgiven the man that killed me.

Karen Kenney:              11:53                It’s your turn. But I had no idea how to do that. And that’s really eventually what led me to Marianne Williamson and her book or retort turns led me to a boss and miracles. And it was through that process of really like diving into that wound and figuring out like, wow, how do you forgive? You know, and look, everybody’s got their story. It’s not like my story is special, but something of that magnitude where somebody’s like, as a little kid, you feel like you’re, you were three months old, so you weren’t able to process it at that time, but you still felt the effects of that, that missing person in that loss. Even if another person came in physically to take on that role in some way. You still like, I just think that psychic wound that we have or whatever you’re aware of it. And so the power of a course in miracles was to be able to really reframe all of these stories I had written about, um, my mother leaving and the way that she left because it was so violent and brutal and her suffering.

Karen Kenney:              12:54                And I realized that like, the only time that I suffer about my mom is when I think of her final moments of suffering. Otherwise, if I choose to place my mind where I want it, which is the beautiful time I had with her in those 12 short years, then I am in a joyous thing. And so, you know, when the chorus says, and you know, they say it in other disciplines too, like yoga and stuff, that an untrained mind, an undisciplined mind can accomplish nothing. And I always laugh and I’m like, no, it actually accomplishes a lot of suffering is what it does. Because if I can’t control the place, my mind where I want it, it’s going to go willy nilly because that little ego is such a bastard. Like it wants you to feel separate. It wants you to feel small and scared and insecure and unaware of your own power.

Karen Kenney:              13:42                And so, um, what I like a gift and a blessing and I know everybody usually has a story of how the course found them. I always say I didn’t find the chorus. The chorus came to me and a totally radically, radically changed my life because it taught me how to change my thoughts. And it taught me that I had a choice about the quality of thoughts I was having. And you know, to kind of go back to that feeling thing like we are taught, you know, all this, but we’re taught that, you know, the world is the cause of our suffering. Um, and that we just can’t help how I feel. How many times have you heard people say, but it’s just how I feel. I can’t help it. It’s just how I feel. And I always try to remind myself first of all. And then other people, it’s like your feelings are actually generated by a thought that you have.

Karen Kenney:              14:31                So if you don’t like how you’re feeling, choose a better feeling thought. And that’s what I learned to do with my mom is I chew, you know, and I’m writing a memoir like Uim. I’m actually, I’m a writer and so I’m writing a memoir about my mom and that forgiveness process and journey and all that. Um, and so I have to think about those final awful, I’m gone and seen the evidence. I’ve seen the brutality. I’ve, you know, I’ve held pieces of her teeth in my hands from the evidence room and like, you know, I’ve placed myself there specifically, but I did it out of love. Like I did it to be able to tell her story, but in a way where it’s actually redundant, redemptive now. Like it actually transcends the brutality and it moves into a place of healing. And so, you know, I just totally hear you about being like the willingness that it takes, the cards that it takes Maria to go and do what you did and to really face that, whether you were three months

Maria Felipe:                15:32                older, not like that. I always say like,

Karen Kenney:              15:35                as long as we have bodies, we believe that they’re real. So there’s this DNA thing where that’s like one of those wounds and then to understand like, oh, that, that initial core wound has affected every other choice.

Maria Felipe:                15:49                Hmm.

Karen Kenney:              15:50                So if I was abandoned at this young, like, yeah, I don’t deserve much, so I’m just going to keep choosing guys. So even if they tell me they’re not good relationship material, I’m not going to listen. You haven’t done it. I just love that you shared that and that you have, you had the guts of the Chutzpah, the balls and whatever, to go back and say, this is my word.

Maria Felipe:                16:11                This isn’t for anybody else to fix for me. Like this is my word.

Karen Kenney:              16:15                And that is about living fearlessly, which I love.

Maria Felipe:                16:19                Yeah. And, and it’s, I think that, you know, it’s true because I felt that at that moment I, it’s so unconscious cause I was like, forgive my father. I don’t even remember him. It was like I was getting one’s old. So the wound is so unconscious and, but when I went back in time and I started to say the story, there was so much that came, all these tears came and all this deep wounded sadness. I was like, what? Like I had no idea this was what they need some carrying around that. And not only that, then going to all the other relationships and how, how destructive they were, how I really accepted men into my life. And I, and I, and I, I mean it was just horrifying, like the type of relationship. So I would have, and I didn’t realize it until I did that process, but going back to what you’re saying, I feel that it takes something, you know, I just wrote an article on it that an article that really says that says basically the title is it takes something and I feel like this whole spiritual process of healing, like for instance, like what you do with your mom that you know, a lot of people can relate to.

Maria Felipe:                17:31                Especially I’m happy you brought that up because I’m sure a lot of people that are watching this, it’s helpful to be able to hear your story of how you’re able to see death differently. Yes, that’s like a big thing and I feel that for instance, for myself, it’s like I, I you, you have to want to heal period.

Karen Kenney:              17:50                And I remember when I was doing the process and I was crying every day and I was doing this process with men and it really took a horn is like you said, it really took off. I remember when I was like, God spirit, I just want to have love in my life. I want to feel worthy of having somebody in my life so I can share my life with my ministry with. And I remember Spirit’s saying, no you don’t. No, you’re not ready. And I was like, what the hell? I’m crying every day. I’m doing this work. You know what I love that spirit spoke to me like that cause it kicked me in the butt because I feel like I did want to heal, but not really because I still want to hang onto something. Right, right, right. So whether it’s one of the exercises I do at my retreats where I ask people, you know, what are you getting out of being a victim?

Karen Kenney:              18:43                What are you getting out of not forgiving, holding onto that and grievance like a, like a lifeline. Like you, you can’t let it go no matter what. Like what’s that about? You’re getting something from it and they get so pissed. They’re like, what do you mean? And I said, yeah, you would think, because that’s crazy behavior. You know, if you’re drowning, holding onto the anvil or the egg is not the smart thing to do. But it’s what we do. And instead of choosing Holy Spirit and saying, please help me to see myself, this person, this situation differently, we’re so attached to being right. So that classic quote from the course, right, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? And most people will say both. Yeah. If they’re honest, they’ll say both. But it takes something. And I would say that, you know, looking back, you know, your father’s death and my mother’s death, that was a something for us.

Karen Kenney:              19:33                And I’m so grateful for it. Like now of course, of course I would, I would love to have my mom back with me. Um, she was the center of my universe. I love of my life. But um, from that initial loss I had the sat asking those big questions at a much younger age and it put me on this quest for like, what’s this all about at a much younger age. And I’m so grateful for that because I wouldn’t have found people like Gary and Maryanne and you and the books and like all the sudden the community of people who are not just trying to heal themselves, but he write right, the consciousness, that one mind that we all share so that we can all go home and it’s really powerful. I’m so grateful for those experiences now and I don’t, I don’t try to push it away.

Karen Kenney:              20:22                I don’t push away in the shit that’s uncomfortable. I’m like bring it because you know pat of like feel flow. Like people always send me like what is fearless flow? And I always say, well, that hat I feel is flow stats with that line of, of course in miracles it says, if you knew who walked beside you on this way that you have chosen fear would be, you would realize that fear is impossible. And so realizing that we don’t have to do it on our own, we’re not doing it on our own. And then another quote that really resonates with me that speaks to fearless flow is from a, um, a Buddhist teacher named Richard Ricard. Matthieu I something and he says that like genuine fearlessness arises with the confidence that we can go within ourselves and find whatever we need to handle whatever is arising. And I think those are the gifts that of course in miracles really gave me was the understanding that what I thought what I was seeking was not something out there that everything like the Kingdom of Heaven is here and now if I am just will receive it if I am ready to receive it. And so like when spirits said to, you know, Maria, you’re not ready. And it’s like, but look at all the time.

Karen Kenney:              21:33                But we really do have to do that deep cleansing on so many levels in order to really receive it. And so I just love that you’re doing this work too and that you’re, you know, teaching and trying to help people make their way because it’s hard and it’s really scary when you think you’re doing it on your own.

Maria Felipe:                21:52                Yeah. And I love that you brought up our inner teacher Holy Spirit, because I think that that is, you know, those, that’s the key for me, you know, to be able to live the happiness that I’m experiencing now has been to really develop, uh, an amazing relationship with my internal teacher. And that’s what the course is teaching us. You know, the course is basically teaching us forgiveness and the way to forgiveness is through holy spirit and, and to really cultivate a relationship with that voice. And there’s a beautiful lesson that’s called am sustained by the love of God and, and if and if we are sustained by the love of God, I feel that bringing in spirit and asking for help is, is our duty as, as teachers, as students is whatever you want, call it everyday people is to really go within and ask for help. And I feel that, I love how you worked with a process with your mom of where it was spirit you worked out to see it differently and you didn’t do it by yourself. Karen, Karen, Karen is the separate itself. Didn’t do it by yourself. You had to bring in spirit so you can start to discern, hey, you know, the story is not true that I’m seeing about my mom and this one is, and that’s what spirit helps us with, not us. Then individual self spirit helps us to be able to, to see it differently.

Karen Kenney:              23:01                Oh yeah. That’s the key teaching here, you know, yeah. Is to really be able, right. So that’s what the miracle your mind from fear to love to put on. I always say I call it putting on your love glasses or seeing through a different Lens. Because my, my, my, my human scope, like as I say, like human eyes actually don’t see, right. So it’s like looking for, looking for that kind of omnipotent site where it’s like we’ve transcended the battleground and that’s what this is really, I mean, this life can feel like such a battle ground. And David Hoffmeister said something really fascinating, uh, one time in a video that I watched and, and he was talking about how it doesn’t actually work to bring the course to this world and ask it to fix our problems in this. It’s about the transcendent. It’s about bringing the darkness to the light.

Karen Kenney:              23:49                And I love that. And in the beginning I think that’s all we’re doing. And we’re like, you know, even with like when people talk about law of attraction or whatever, it’s like, oh, I’m just going to attract all this shit to me because I think I’m lacking because I feel like something’s missing. And I’m like, just the very thought of trying to attract things to you from a place of lack is the problem. And I was like, so realizing that within us is such abundance and access to the Holy Spirit. Like what a gift that is. I always say it’s like being the tap into that part of your mind that’s always in communion with God. And it’s right there. And I think what the problem is is we’re not taught that. We’re not taught that as little people that within us we have like the bat phone to God.

Karen Kenney:              24:33                Do you know what I mean? It’s like you gotta go out there and you, you got to get all this external validation and buy in. And for me, like a personal answer, sort of like a personal analogy. A story was, I just remembered when I had turned so 17 going on 18 and I had told myself, because the guy that killed my mother went to jail. And I was like, and nobody in my family talked about it. And what had happened, it was like my mother disappeared over night. And that’s where a lot of my suffering came from, was her disappearance. But I told myself, okay, I’m 18 now. When I turn 18 I’m going to go to the prison now again, wrote a story, wasn’t sure if they’d actually really let me talk to him, but that was my plan. I’m going to go talk to this guy and I’m going to ask him, why did you do this?

Karen Kenney:              25:16                Why did you do this? And as soon as I know why, as soon as I get him to tell me what happened that night and why, then I’ll be at peace and right. And so I was like, why? Why, why, why? So then I basically realized that, um, that that was going to be my ticket to home, to have peacefulness. So right before, so it’s, it’s like I’m, I’m at Bu, I’m at College at Boston University and it’s like finals week. And I’m like, I’ve got one more test. I go home tomorrow, I’m going to go do this whole thing. And my boyfriend called me and he was acting really weird. And I said to him, what’s going on? And he said, Paul, the guy that killed my mother, right? Um, just hung himself in prison. He’s done. And I was like, cause now my access to the answers, well there, which I thought were my access to piece, it was just crushed.

Karen Kenney:              26:13                And I look back now and I think, oh my God, like my spiritual team was always setting me up to stop looking out there. I go in, go in, go in. And so that’s what ended up happening is I realized that my piece didn’t lie. Somewhere out there in men, in relationships, in other people that I had to go in and do the work. And, um, and, you know, and we all look, the course is just like, it’s like having it in the beginning and difficult to understand best friend, but a really good, best friend that just takes your hand

Maria Felipe:                26:44                and walks with you and says, let me, like, as Rom Dass says, you know, we’re all just walking each other home. And I felt like, I feel it. That’s what this does is it just takes your hand so compassionately and mercifully. And also Jesus is wicked funny by the way. Uh, but you know, walks you home. Um, if you’re willing, if you’re willing to do what’s necessary to get there and uh, not everybody is. Yeah, it’s true. And that’s why I always say, you know, it takes something cause like you’ve just said, willingness. You know, my book, I say big willingness and the reason I speak willingness is because I just felt like the word was just for me. I needed, I need a big willingness, that little willingness. I know that. I think that Jesus is saying little willingness just to like, you know, not to scare us but listen me, I big humongous dot Gore miss willingness because, because life sucked.

Maria Felipe:                27:39                So I, I was just going to go to what you were saying is that’s what the course, it talks about placing our values so we place value outside of ourselves. So you are placing value on the situation with this person giving you this answer. You were placing your value, your pieces outside of you and that’s what we do, you know, and it just want our, our listeners, you know our viewers too, when they see this video to see like where are you placing your value outside of yourself because that’s what we do. We value how much money we have in the bank. We value that person that were more with like can they complete us or, or we’re valuing, you know, Christians are going through a situation right now with his website. He’s valuing his website being launched soon and, and it’s like all this stuff, it just takes away our piece.

Maria Felipe:                28:23                So what the course is telling us is to bring us back to bringing, going within like you’re talking about and, and, and, and not valuing stuff a form any longer with uh, with process. It’s a process and starting to focus your attention on God and recognizing that you’ve never left the mind of God. Exactly. You know, so yeah. This, this summer, right. It has never occurred. Tiny, tiny Maya. The idea that you forgot to laugh at, you know what I mean? And what’s so fascinating about what you were just saying about value is where so knots that it’s like we don’t just place value on positive. Is he right there? Is that what you’re looking at? Is he right there? You’re handsome friend. Oh no he’s not. That was looking at the time we got to the clock as well. Yeah, I got you. Okay. Cause I was going to say, oh say hi to me. Oh we place value not only on good stuff. We placed value on bad stuff and it’s like we place more value, meaning more power on cancer to kill us or on this relationship to break us or whatever that is. Then we do. Then we believe in the power of God or Holy Spirit to heal us. And so we, our value is misplaced all the time. And I see

Karen Kenney:              29:42                it too with people who like, they on plenty of time to suffer, but they don’t make time to meditate or pray. They don’t make time for the daily lesson, but they have, they put enough value on their misery so they can go drink wine or she gets you a face or numb themselves, whatever their favorite form of numbing is, food sack, shopping, porn, facebook doesn’t matter, right? But we’ve got plenty of value in those things rather than just getting to the cause of the problem, which is we believe that we are separate from God. And it’s like there’s, so like what you said, it’s like if we could just place as much value on removing the barriers that we’ve created to love’s presence and we put enough energy on that, our lives would all be so much different. And I can just speak for myself.

Karen Kenney:              30:29                Is that my joy? Like I’m an annoyingly happy person and it’s not big. Like I really wake up because I, my first priority in the morning is alignment with the divine. It’s like I get online with God, I get online conscious connection to my spiritual team. I call on Jesus and Holy Spirit and I say, you guys are driving, take the wheel because, and I’m driving the bus, we’re in trouble. Hey, willing to ask like a hundred times a day. How about this? What do you think about this? Like always checking the quality of my thoughts, the quality of my words, the quality of my actions and I are they in alignment because if they’re not, I’m just going to suffer. And you know, the miracle workers pray. Like I’m here only to be truly helpful and, and that’s what I want to do. Like you, like that’s my desire. Like I’m almost 50 the time I have left. Like I just want to be helpful as a mom. I just want to be so helpful while I’m here.

Maria Felipe:                31:25                Oh yeah. Definitely be very, very helpful in this interview. So we thank you for that. And um, just to wrap it up here is one of the things that I’m hearing while you’re speaking is, um, your, um, uncompromising practice. So you’re practicing. And I think that if any, if, if, if anybody gets anything out of this is, is to really practice and that’s why we’re talking about, you know, live your happy live. Yes. It’s really practicing constantly, you know, what thoughts are you choosing, you know, are you calling Holy Spirit in our, what are you valuing? Are you valuing something outside of your, your value in God’s? So it’s constantly, you know, are you forgiving? You know, cause you want to forgive even if you don’t want to forgive. So constantly in practice. So I feel that the reason that you’re so happy, which is which I feel that I am as well my life and it’s not cheerleader happiness, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s really, it’s because I feel like the happiness I feel is more consistent. Um, it’s not up and down. Like before it was based on external things. So on Monday I was happy and then Tuesday for like shit, but now I feel like happy, like all you know, pretty much every day. Of course I have my days, especially with my hormones right now with my pregnancy. But other than that, I feel that the course says this,

Karen Kenney:              32:38                happiness is our,

Maria Felipe:                32:40                and happiness is our inheritance. So that means that if it’s in our heritage, it’s like in our DNA, it’s what we are, it’s who we are regardless of what’s going on in form. And that’s why you know, a bunt true abundance is recognizing that you are, as God created you, you know, that’s what abundance is. I, if there’s anything that I want, anybody, everybody, anybody take from this is, is to a couple of things that we’ve gone over. And you can also refresh if you want, cause I like people to leave with little nuggets. One is what we’ve gone over is um, you know, what story you’re telling yourself, you know, and is it coming from Holy Spirit? Is it coming from fear? You know, and, and kind of get that in check there. Also, what are you valuing, um, you know, and how and how and how are you doing your forgiveness. Like you were able to forgive your mom but you brought Holy Spirit into help

Karen Kenney:              33:30                you with that. Um, what else did we go over today that that w that you feel could stand out to help people? Yeah, I mean I think what you were just saying, it’s so important for me really is asking that, not being afraid to question everything. And that question of in this moment, am I being with my thoughts, words and actions, right? Am I being a host to God or am I being a hostage to the ego? Like how am I showing up? Because in what are the quality of my thoughts? Because if you are choosing the ego as your teacher, then the whole experience is going to feel like a prison. And if you were choosing the Holy Spirit, then everything just gets to be a classroom. And in the classroom we’re just experimenting with each other. So it’s like cut each other. Some slack man.

Karen Kenney:              34:12                You know and Tim Story, I don’t know if you know who tim story is, he’s a, he’s a guy who teaches in la and he said something the other day that made me crack up and he said, you know, is people are on their journey, on their spiritual journey in their growing just allowed them to suck once in awhile. And I thought that was so funny. It’s like just accept where you’re at and when you’re ready to, when you’re actually ready to be happy and to let it go. Ask for help. Like for me it’s like asking for help all day long. But also at some point, and this is where the practice, the daily practice comes in that you’re talking about that is non negotiable for me. First thing in the morning. Daily practice, get my mind right. Um, but something that can walk nick said was about talking about like if we always just keep asking Jesus for help, if we keep looking up to him as this unattainable thing, like help me, help me, help me.

Karen Kenney:              35:02                We actually don’t ever grow up and step into our power. We actually, our job is to become like him and that’s the work is to actually become like that and so that you can then help and heal other people yourself, which is really powerful. So, I mean, I think we hit on a lot of great stuff here and I think, you know, information lands in different people in different ways, so they’ll extract what’s, I guess they get with the Holy Spirit’s help, what’s necessary for them. But thank you so much for having me and getting to talk with you. It’s been such a pleasure and I really, I, you know, you’ve been on my radar for a while, so it’s beautiful to finally be able to connect face to face, you know? Yeah. It’s beautiful to collaborate. And I feel that, you know, there’s, there’s a lot of very popping or teachers that everybody know about and then there’s, you know, there’s us that are just getting out there and we’re, you know, we’re growing and learning and it’s just, it’s nice to hear other, other teachers, other perspectives.

Karen Kenney:              35:57                And I feel that, you know, you, you have so much knowledge about the course of miracles, you, you, you know, you, you hit forgiveness right on and you understand, you know, it’s, it’s themes. So I feel that it’s just beautiful to have you because now people get to hear you and where you’re coming from. And I feel that especially with how you were able to get over your mom’s death, I feel it’s just very helpful for people because death is such a, um, you know, a big topic in this, in this cluster fuck of a world. Um, I can’t believe I have been. I have been, I am such a potty mouth of the Boston out. I had been refraining, so hadn’t tried to say throw me, try it underground, but I just want to finish on this. I thought it was so fascinating. A lot US morissette who she is, she has a, she has a song called thank you.

Karen Kenney:              36:46                And in there there’s a line that landed and we so strongly, the first time I heard it and it said, how about not equating death with stopping? And I realize like, oh yeah, like my relationship with my mother goes on and it, and before the course I never would have been able to understand because time and space dictates that when the body falls away, that’s it. And so, um, it’s just been a beautiful opportunity to say like, like I joke, like some people will say, oh, my relationship got better, you know, after they passed away. But my mind has just continued and I’ve been very blessed and, and I just want to also acknowledge what you were just saying. That yeah, like in this day and age, especially with marketing and websites and instagram followers and how many likes it can be really easy to miss some gems and to not know that there are other representatives, um, you know, other teachers of God, other miracle workers who have a voice.

Karen Kenney:              37:40                And have something to say and they’re valuable and they’re delivering it on an a way that’s very, like for me, it’s very down to earth blue collar approach because I want everybody to be invited to the party and not feel like, oh, I’m not smart enough to get this shit. Like this is too much. And it’s like, no, no, no. Spend some time with it. Fine Teachers Read Maria’s book, you know, and just know that there’s ways to access this material that can land in you. Um, that it just a little more, uh, easy to digest and stuff, you know? Yeah. Thank you so much. You’re caring. You’re like a Boston Spitfire. I can’t wait to share this with everyone. You’ve, you’ve been just such a joy to join with. And again, I’m so happy that Christian opened me up to, you know, speaking to other teachers and collaborating more because this is such a real treat for me. Like finding long lost friends or siblings and you’re like, oh,

Maria Felipe:                38:36                we speak the same language. This is like so cool. You know? And so I can’t wait to share it with my people too. And so once that link is ready, we’ll, uh, we’ll, we’ll spread level, get it out there, we’ll spread the love. And there you go. People in and I, Karen has, is onto something that when she says there’s a lot of gyms out there, so, um, you know, it’s true. Well, there’s, there’s a lot of people teaching that are very good and they’re, you know, they don’t have a million followers, but they’re, they’re very good. So, um, that’s what we’re also trying to do here is just get the word out of like, you know, everybody, let’s all join the party. Ultimately, teachers of God. So, yes. All right, Karen, thank you. And, and, um, both of us, it’s exciting because we’re both on the happy train, so.


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