We must pay close attention to our ego thoughts. We make them real by giving life to them and believing them — but that means we can change them. What holds us back from doing what we feel called to do is not “out there,” but in- side. What holds us back, or takes us forward, has to do with what we believe to be true at any given moment.

The way out of being stuck in the same old, same old is to understand that our experience comes from what we think, and we can give up what we are thinking. We do that by yielding our thoughts to our own higher mind, or Holy Spirit, so that we may see differently. This is what “choosing the miracle” means: choosing to see differently, and trusting that we have an intelligent power within — our own teacher of love — who will help us.

Pay special attention to the limiting or negative thoughts you don’t want to give up. These are the kinds of thoughts you hang on to even though they don’t make you feel good. Because what you see reflects your thoughts, the world appears hostile or frustrating whenever you are hooked on such caca thinking. Giving your thoughts over to the Holy Spirit helps you recognize that your real home is not in that crappy world, but in the mind of God. When you go home in your own mind, you will perceive Creation’s true gentleness.

For illustration, here is how some specific limiting
thoughts might be changed by giving them over:
Thought: “I can’t move from my hometown. It’s all I know!” Holy Spirit: I honor the calling in my heart to move. I am capable of moving anywhere.
Thought: “I would like to spend more time with my kids, but I am scared to ask my ex-wife. What if she takes me to court?” Holy Spirit: I trust that all is fall- ing into place even though it does not seem to be. I can get out of my own way and trust my inner wisdom. I have nothing to fear.
Thought: “I have to hang on to him. He is the love of my life!” Holy Spirit: The love of my life is my true Self. I don’t need anything or anyone outside myself to thrive. I am sustained by the love of God.
Changing our thoughts in this way won’t immediately solve our problems. But it will make it possible for them to be released because we will have access to the full creative power of our own inner wisdom. When we get stuck in a certain way of doing things, it’s usually because we have excluded the best part of the mind — our spiritual intelligence — from awareness. That means we settle for those false beliefs that tell us things will stay the same forever, and this makes it pretty dif cult to change the now. The weird thing is that we can get kind of comfortable with life being this way.

Love & Eternal Gratitude your way,

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