july, 2021

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I find that a spiritual practice combined with an effective schedule of doing healthy things creates a clear mind we’re you can truly thrive!

I’ve found waking up early, eating a predominately plant-based diet, working out, having a solid work schedule and night routine creates a feeling of overall well being and clarity to make decisions and live aligned to your truest Self!

I’ve began my routine this week and felt inspired to start a Live A Miraculous Day group!

I’m opening the group up to only 10 people . I want to keep it intimate and personal.

What you get:

  • Intro class to get you started
  • Weekly zoom group coaching call with me to stay on track
  • Access to exclusive WhatsApp group were we hold ourselves accountable
  • A miraculous day map that guides you on how to rise, live and thrive all the way to your night routine.
  • And more!!! (I’m still working on this)

This will be a small group. I will be opening it up 10 very willing miraculous souls that are ready to do the work!

If you want to be part of this elite group you need be open and willing to:

  • Wake up by 6:00 AM
  • Eat mainly a plant based diet
  • Be live or watch replays of our weekly coaching calls
  • Hold yourself accountable and others by being active on the WhatsApp group
  • Do your very best to follow the miracles day map so you can thrive!

You also have to be willing to invest in yourself. The love offering exchange is:

$299 for 30 days
$499 for 60 days

We start next week together! If you sign up today you can get an early start at no cost to you! And begin as early as mañana!

Private message me if you would like to be part of the group!


All Day (Thursday)

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