In this video I interview my dear friend Corinne Zupko about her NEW book “From Anxiety to Love”

Themes Covered:

How to tap into your “inner therapist” to heal anxiety
How Mediation helps with anxiety
How to come back to peace
How to create balance in life by less work in form and more play!
How to create a spiritual practice that will help in preventing panic attacks

and more amazing insights!




Maria Felipe:                00:03                Hi everyone and welcome to live. You’re happy TV. I am so psyched and grateful for the guests that we have today. Um, she is not only a colleague, uh, um, she’s, she’s also an author but she’s also a very dear friend and I hold her close to my heart and it’s really nice always to interview your friends because then there’s like a whole added element of energy there of background stories that we’re going to be able to share with you today. Um, she is an amazing spirit. Um, she has a tremendous drive and she is a speaker as well as the author of the book from anxiety to love the bestselling book and from anxiety to love. And she’s also a professional meditator. And the reason I say that is because she’s really, really, really good at meditating. It’s one of her specialties. So we’re definitely gonna talk about that and how that’s helpful to bring out the happiness that you’re still worthy of. Um, so I would introduce to you, um, current Soko. She’s in the house. Woo.

Corinne Zupko:             01:07                Yeah. Happy to, to train has taken off.

Maria Felipe:                01:11                Yes. And talking about that. Um, just so everybody knows, Corinne and I were both in the same publishing house, which is new world library. Um, she got published a year after me, literally pretty much a year after me. And, um, since we are friends I think it’s so cool to be able to share just like little intimate stories of what happened behind the scenes. Um, and one of those things was, I remember you asking me at the course of miracles conference in Vegas, have of how I had met Patrick, which is also our book agent. We have the same book agent, he Patrick Miller from fearless books. And I remember you asking me about publishing a book and um, and that you were talking to Patrick and I want you to just share a little bit about your experience and what finally you decided to go with him and do the book through him. Cause I know you were a little bit hesitant, you know, and I think a lot of people go through those challenges as well to make that decision. You know,

Corinne Zupko:             02:10                cause it’s a big decision. I mean my hesitant is really came in because I thought I was going to go the direction of becoming my own publisher and publishing the book myself. And so there’s a lot of benefits to doing it that way. And obviously there’s a lot of benefits of having a traditional publishing deal. So wanting to know your experience was just so helpful in figuring out which direction to go. And when I decided to reach out to Patrick, it was like boom, boom, boom, everything happens so fast. I had the book deal within I think six weeks. I had three offers from three different publishing houses and it just showed me that this was opening up before me. It was the way to go and that the message that I have to share in the book, particularly for anxiety suffers because anxiety is such a common experience for so many of us. It can be a really great motivator for change. It can be a really great motivator for us to really get to work and start to dig down and find true healing. And so it just sort of spiraled and unfolded really, really easily. And here we are. I can’t believe it now about a little over a month post book launch posts, you know, my book coming out and I just had my book launch party and it’s just been, the whole process is an absolutely amazing. So it’s been a lot of fun.

Maria Felipe:                03:25                Yeah, I think Patrick has been helpful to both of us. He’s been an instrumental key on I’m getting published or not, not that’s not everybody’s path, you know, it’s been our path. I know that everybody has their own individualized curriculum of healing and um, this was just our path and it’s a very similar path. Um, you know, it’s a funny little story that I know what, I haven’t told you this, but Patrick and I talked a little bit after you guys signed and he said, you know, Karen asked me a very interesting question and I was thinking this, I know she would ask something like this for sure. You asked something about if he would die.

Speaker 3:                    04:00                Well, what happened?

Corinne Zupko:             04:03                Okay, let me, let me preface this because my contracts involved or like you know the money, he gets this money and that money goes there and he does this backend stuff and I was like, well if he’s handling all this,

Speaker 3:                    04:18                what happens if he just disappears? It’s a great question. I mean it’s true. I think it’s a great question but it was funny because he was

Maria Felipe:                04:30                person that makes sure you have all everything covered. You know?

Corinne Zupko:             04:34                That’s the thing with you know, people who have at least I would say, you know, an anxiety history if not already an anxious present mind is that you think of all the different outcomes and used by the ego that is, you know, in the past it used to be like, well, preparing for the worst. Like if that, if that happens, what am I going to do? Am I going to handle it now, you know, that is another that can be repurposed given to holy spirit to be used as a strength in that. For instance, I tend to be very detail oriented and can the book launch party that I just had, there were lots of little details that all came into place because of the way my mind works is just like that way so it can be used for good as well. So that’s so funny. I totally forgot about that. Yeah, it was just such a detailed contract. I was like, well what if you’re doing all of this and you’re a one man show? Just what happens if you just sit here.

Maria Felipe:                05:25                It’s true. It’s something I thought about. I didn’t ask. I wasn’t as ballsy. So I think that that is a way to me totally evolving. I just put it out there so I know it was, I wanted to bring that up because I always say authenticity is sexy of that is, that was very sexy. Um, so what a smile for it. What inspired you to write the book in this particular subject?

Corinne Zupko:             05:48                Well, many folks have heard my story already and for those of you who are new to it, I, as I sort of referenced already, I’ve had a lot of, lot, lot of, lot of lifelong issues with anxiety and I’m talking about if we think about a continuum of anxiety from the low end of the continuum, which is just our everyday worries and fears all the way up to the high end of the continuum, which is the debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, you know, all the diagnosable stuff that you would see, psychiatrist and psychologist diagnosed. I spent a lot of my time at the high end of that spectrum and it was through being introduced to a course in miracles by my mom that I started finding that as I dove into the course more and more deeply that the anxiety issues just started to fall away.

Corinne Zupko:             06:35                And I really, really started applying. I’ve been studying the course since 1997 definitely diligently and and in a very dedicated way. But I realized that there was so much that I could do to go deeper with it, but the only thing that propelled me to go deeper with it was another round of really intense anxiety and about 2009 and it was at that point I really realized the difference between a bandaid approach to working in the course and really getting down deep and dirty and to really applying the principles and so at that time in 2009 when I started really, really work in it, the anxiety issues that I had had that had been springing leaks like a leaky pipe. If you think of like a rusty old pipe, you plug one hole, the leak just springs out elsewhere. That had kind of been what my experience was with anxiety.

Corinne Zupko:             07:28                One part would get better and then a leak with spring elsewhere. As I started diving really deep, I started finding that the leaks weren’t changing. Fear was no longer shape shifting. It was starting to unravel at its source and at that point I started writing and the results comprise the pages of from anxiety to love. It’s all the steps. All the shifts, everything that I had to do to work with my own, I call it your inner therapist. Of course, students know that as Holy Spirit or your inner teacher. It’s everything that I started working with my inner therapist on to get to the point where I am now. So that’s the motivation behind it. Honestly, if I could, if I could say the one motivation behind the entire book to write, it was, um, pain. You know, pain can be a really, really wonderful motivator to do big things.

Corinne Zupko:             08:19                If we let it serve us to help us grow instead of, you know, staying bogged down in fear. And I feel a lot of people couldn’t relate to that pain. Um, I, uh, many people suffer from anxiety and I have actually a really close friend of mine that thus suffers from anxiety. And every once in a while we’ll have conversations and she’ll have panic attacks and we’ll, we’ll work on that together. Um, so I know how debilitating it can be and how hard it could be, um, for, for people to suffer from anxiety. And, um, I think that this, this book is,

Maria Felipe:                08:56                is very helpful because of course, since I’m such a lover of a course of miracles, to be able to use the Holy Spirit, which you call ’em the inner therapist is, is so helpful. Um, just because you know, we all have the answer within and we have this amazing tool, which is our inner wisdom that can basically heal us. So what was your, you feel you’re number one or your w w what would you do with your inner therapists that was helping you to heal your mind and to lessen the severity of anxiety?

Corinne Zupko:             09:36                You know, there are a lot of different things and in a way I can say the same thing in many, many different ways. But the core thing was that I stopped running from my fear. I stopped running from the anxiety. I stopped looking at it as this like horrible thing that I had avoided that I had to do everything to tamp down, you know, and keep away as much as possible. What I started doing instead was

Corinne Zupko:             10:01                looking at it, feeling it with the awareness of my inner therapist. With my awareness of the light of love, you know, of my inner guide with that awareness that, that, that part of my mind was looking at this crap, this muck, these clock off a lot with me looking at it together. And so as I started doing that and not hiding anything anymore, not trying to self correct, not trying to say, oh, I just had this really yucky judgmental thought. Let me just change that into a positive thought, or let me just deny that. I just even had that thought. Rather than do that, I started getting really honest and saying, oh, I just had this a Yucky thought come through my mind. Holy Spirit, I’m willing to look at it with you. I’m willing to look at this with you. I don’t want to hide it. And so that’s the beautiful thing about this practice is that when we realize that freedom lies in our complete honesty and all the crazy thoughts that go through our mind, that we can look at those with the Holy Spirit, that’s where healing really, really, really starts to take hold. So that’s kind of, I think the biggest way of saying it, um, that I can succinctly, yeah. And

Maria Felipe:                11:12                it’s, it’s, it’s a beautiful, um, practice in, I feel the insight is huge. Um, it reminds me of when my book, when I talk about feeling your feelings and um, to really be, get very real down and dirty with you know, your darkness and to not hide from it or think like, oh my God, this anxiety is bad or because I’m spiritual action and be feeling this way and let me deny this feelings or whatever. I’m going through 20, because I guess I’m right on track with giving advice about anxiety. Cause I remember telling her, my look, my friend that she just had this last episode, I was, she told me recently that what stood out the most from our conversation is me telling her that it’s not bad, but there’s nothing wrong with it. You know, I felt that she was making herself wrong, that she was having all these things I eat and making it like, well the spad you know, this not supposed to be happening.

Maria Felipe:                12:03                So I love what you just said because it’s, um, it’s an embrace. It’s an acceptance. Acceptance brings you into the present moment. Always. It doesn’t continue to, you know, feel anxious of what’s going to happen or it’s usually the anxiety comes from, she was getting nervous about his speech speech she had to do. So it was like very future based. So I feel that when you’re accepting and you start to feel your feelings of ring grounds you to the present moment and then, um, I love what you said because, um, to feel the feelings with Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit’s gonna feel, you know, you’re gonna he’s gonna meet you where you’re at. You’re in her therapist as you’d like to say. And um, you go through the stance and you heal together cause the power to heal is within you and your mind. Um, and then that’s how I, I start to get my healing on is giving it over and having insights from spirit and, and, and journaling and, and continuing to do that. Even though maybe sometimes we might not get an answer, right. Curren or you know, maybe at that moment we might not feel the best. But with practice I feel that we see change. So, um, did you notice that when you started to practice having an amazing relationship with your inner therapist, how things started to shift for you with the practice?

Corinne Zupko:             13:20                Definitely. You know, this is partly to where you mentioned meditation before and this comes in, if we are constantly saying, Holy Spirit, help, help, help, help, help, give me a shift. I want a miracle, I want a miracle. Help, help, help, help, help. If we don’t shut up and get quiet and start to listen, we’re not going to receive the answer that’s given the moment we ask for it. So the moment we ask for that miracle, the moment we ask for the shift, it’s already there. It’s just like we might be too blocked with our own fear though to receive it. So this is where the practice of trusting and trusting that we’ll receive it when we’re ready and you know what? I need to go get quiet. I need to just go sit. I need to let go of all the expectation and all the thoughts and all the desires that I want to have right now. You know, for the shift to come through if I can just sit and even if it’s for 30 seconds, it doesn’t have to be that long. It just starts to create an open space in our minds so we can hear so we can receive or sense or feel that guidance, that shift come in. So the practice of getting quiet and not just incessantly asking is really, really important. So I really resonate with that.

Maria Felipe:                14:29                And

Corinne Zupko:             14:30                I also wanted to just address what you said about your friend and her feeling about anxiety being wrong because I so identify with that it’s next to impossible to describe to somebody what a panic attack is like if they’ve never had one. It’s like the most overwhelming, most awful, horrible feeling in the world and it you don’t want it you, let’s be honest, like you’d rather feel anything else than what you’re feeling right now. But instead, if we can look at that as being a great motivator for change, if we can look at that as our teacher instead of our greatest adversary, we’re shifting our relationship to it. When we meet anxiety with that energy of, Yuck, I hate this, I want it to go away. All we’re doing is literally like pouring gasoline on a fire. We’re just fueling the ego’s flame by that resistance, by that Yuck, you know, go away. Instead, that acceptance that you talked about, that openness, that acknowledgement as like, okay, I’m feeling like crap. I don’t like it, but this is how I’m feeling right now. That acceptance has a much, much different energy to it. We’re not feeding, we’re not fueling the ego anymore, but were instead taking away its energy by accepting, by acknowledging, by allowing. And so again, that creates a more movements, some more space or a big chef to come in.

Maria Felipe:                15:53                Yeah. Beautifully said. And it’s beautiful because she did mention that again. She said one of the most helpful things was that you told me that there’s, it’s not lovings wrong. And also she had shared, um, that it helped her to, um, you know, realize that it’s, it’s not bad. And, and she really, I know what, I don’t know what a panic attack is cause I’ve never personally had one, but I know that it’s awful because I can sense it in her voice of exasperations and her crying. And it’s like, it’s, it’s, it’s like I think that the, the fear just completely like, just to take over ego makes, it’s like literally you go to Cuckoo land and you’re stuck there and you don’t know and then you, all your emotions are, you know, also not helping. And so, so I love what you said and I, and I, and I’m going to definitely now when you were talking about this, I’m going to give gift this book to her.

Maria Felipe:                16:47                I’m the one that I have here cause it’s like I want to be able to be truly helpful. I think that this would so help her help her when she sees from anxiety. Love. She’s going to be like, oh my God, Yes I want, I want some of that. You know, I’m definitely going to gift it to her. And there was something else I kind of forgot, but I hopefully it’s just my pregnancy brain that you mentioned that was so good and um, which, which actually caused the shift in her, oh, the part of, of of the meditation. That’s the part I want it to get into is the part of sitting and listening. And, um, I feel that we’re, we don’t do that. You know, we’re, we’re, we are, of course a miracle says we have a, our mind is on discipline. We have no constancy and consistency.

Maria Felipe:                17:32                So I feel that it’s very important, the element that you said of the practice of, yeah, you could ask all day long, but really sit and receive the answer and journal it and, and have holy spirit help you. Um, you know, I sit with spirit all the time and I feel always his warm embrace and, and the hug and, and we kind of worked through it together and people will be like, well, what does that look like? Well, I mean, what it looks like is just with practice, you know, just sit down and, and try it. You know, that’s the first thing I feel that people are like, oh no, that’s too out there, you know, to listen to that voice, don’t you think? But, um, I feel that the course is teaching us to, to go within and to, and to listen, and then we’re able to pump up the volume as I like to say. You know, that song pump up, the Malian pump up, blah. You start to hire the voice on unholy elise on Holy Spirit and it helps. But I just love this. What you’re doing with this book and your message is beautiful because it is, is so vital. Um, it’s so empowering to let the other know that they have the answer within them and that they can hear heels, something so big as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, all these things through your inner wisdom, your inner therapist. It’s huge and it’s very empowering. So, so job well done.

Corinne Zupko:             18:57                Thank you. Thank you. And you know, there’s nothing special about me. I’m not the only one to have healed anxiety and issues like that. Depression. There’s lots of people out there. It just so happens that I, I had to write a book about it. I had no choice. Many other people who I’ve come into contact with who have had such help from a course of miracles for their mental health issues. It’s really, you know, a course in um, there’s a quote in the course that says health is inner peace in the earlier less edited additions. The quote is mental health is inner peace. So as the course is leading us to this true experience of inner peace, we can’t help but have those issues fall away. And that’s one of the quotes from my book is that anxiety falls away when you begin to remember your true self. As we shift our identity from this small self into a capital s self, as we embrace our connectedness and all that we are, those issues have to fall away. There is no fear in perfect love. There is no anxiety and perfect love. It cannot exist in that awareness. And so that’s why our absolute success is totally guaranteed. And what joy is news is that,

Maria Felipe:                20:11                yeah, I love that you said, and your true self, you know, are with a capital s, you know, it’s that, that, that, that true self that’s connected to our higher source to God. And it’s, it’s beautiful because I usually say that the way that you can experience true happiness is by letting go of your search for it. And, um, true happiness. You know, I don’t talk about it in the sort of conventional way of the world. It’s more of a happiness that when you really start to become aware of your true self and start to bask more and that awareness of your true self, which is where you also hear your anxiety, where everything’s healed because your true self is your happiness. You know, all of my automatically everything just falls away. So you can’t be anxious and happy at the same time. So when you start to really live in your true self self with a capital s, um, life starts to get, life starts to get really fun. And, um, it’s like if we’re going to be here, stuck in this

Maria Felipe:                21:19                piece of shit world, I, it’s good, at least be in it. I’d be happy. Right? Ah, that’s joyless place. So let’s embrace our happiness. Yeah. We’re going to be in the circus. We minus, we’ll, we’ll have fun, you know, um, then the circus and juggle and juggle some love, you know, and, and juggle some peace and harmony. Um, because I feel ultimately our inheritance is, is what you’re feeling now and the healing that you’ve taken and that has been given to you is your inheritance. It’s God’s will for you, for you to be free of the anxiety and that only yourself, but everyone. Um, that is our natural inheritance. You know, anxiety comes from the separation from God. It comes from the fear. It comes from the EGOIC mind. And I feel that what you’re saying is so key, which is

Maria Felipe:                22:17                listen, everything is healed through, through, through your inner therapist. You know, I mean, I’ve come to realize that and it takes practice. And how have you been able to, especially with the being debilitated, I know you have panic, panic attacks, you went through some beer anxiety. How were you able to, to practice? Um, I feel that that’s something that’s so important. I feel that people, sometimes they get into it, they read a book and then they put it down and then they forget. You know, and that was my journey with the course for 10 11 years. I was doing it fairly consistently, but doing it, even running to it when I wasn’t feeling well, reading something that made me feel better, putting it down and then going about my day, not truly, truly, you know, integrating this and starting to open to healing, unconscious sphere, unconscious guilt, these things that I, I came to sense. We’re in a much deeper place in my mind, but needed to come out to the light. The Times when I was most debilitated with this like, and I’m talking could not get off the couch, could not eat, could not function.

Maria Felipe:                23:29                There seemed to be little to help pull me out of that state. What helped the most was that I had a very loving family who are also students in the course in miracles who saw me with charity. They saw me further along in the path than I was, and

Corinne Zupko:             23:46                we don’t have to have family members who are coursing medical students to do this. This is actually one of the meditations that I write about in the book, and I have a corresponding meditation cd that is, is just, it’s hot off the presses, it’s just come out. It’s all the meditations in the book set to beautiful music and there’s a meditation where I guide the listener or guide the reader through getting a photo of, it can be a spiritual figure. It can be your dog, it can be anybody who you know, we’ll see you with unconditional love and imagine if you have their photo and it should be a photo where they’re, you know, where you can look at their eyes. Just imagine that they’re looking at you with perfect love, that they are joining with with the truth in you and not upholding all the Kaka thoughts.

Corinne Zupko:             24:32                They’re not joining with that part at all. They’re just joining with the truth. And that was what my family did for me, was to be able to see me with that charity. And so when we can do things like that and have those moments of even a little moments of like respite, what we’re stepping into is the fact, and you, you referenced this already, that we are already healed. We are already home. We are wholly innocent. Holy, safe. That’s the truth. We’ve chosen to forget that. So the process becomes allowing ourselves to remember that, to be open to remembering the fact that we are already healed. And as we embody that, even if it’s just for a split second, that’s where big healing happens. That’s again where a lot of the anxiety can fall away. So in the midst of like really, really debilitating offline anxiety, be kind to yourself, do what you need to do.

Corinne Zupko:             25:23                It might mean doing something physical, like you physically want to change your environment, go for a walk, get out, go to the beach, you know, go in the woods, do something to just change your environment so you’re out of the normal place where you can ruminate, you know, to do something different. I’m obviously doing any course lessons, reading anything, you know that that feels good. It can be absolutely helpful, but I really feel like sometimes the only way through it is through it. I think, was it Robert Frost that said that the only way out is through that we sometimes might just need to let ourselves be where we are and if nothing is giving us relief, the bottom line we have to remember is that panic and anxiety exists only in linear time. That means it will have an end. It might feel like it’s not going to end ever, but it’s going to because it’s in this level of form. It does not exist in the truth. So at minimum that’s something we can hang onto as well.

Maria Felipe:                26:24                Yeah, that’s very helpful and I, I love that. I feel that most of the anxiety comes, especially, it happens a lot to entrepreneurs and to people that are very involved with their businesses. For instance, the friend that we’ve been talking about, she’s, you know, she has an organizing business and, um, she has two kids and a husband and she’s constantly inform and working in form and she creates beautiful things. I mean, she really like blows my mind, but at the same time, it’s, it’s very sad and disheartening because she’s, you know, not living in peace, you know, because, and I, and I love what you said earlier, that that you can see it as a sign, like an anxiety as a sign, as a teacher. Like, Hey, slow down, or hey, you know, change your life because you’re worthy of having balance. You know, you could have an amazing career and having an amazing business and at the same time, how balanced and have peace and happiness.

Maria Felipe:                27:12                Um, and I don’t think just her, just, you know, people in general that are in this, you know, in the U s we’re taught to work hard and you make money and then you have this competition and you’re at work. And um, I I’ve heard, I’ve seen stories, even documentaries of of men having like heart attacks, you know, because they’re pushed to extremes. Um, so I think that’s something that, you know, to wrap it up here, we can kind of talk about, of, of how your book helps in, in that way, um, to be able to help to not make form. So such a priority and, and more your, your piece

Corinne Zupko:             27:52                prioritizing pieces, everything. Everything. And so again, like you teach like the course teaches happiness and peace cannot be found outside of ourselves. There is nothing in this world that is going to say to you, slow down. You are whole, you are happy, you are worthy. There’s nothing out there that’s going to do this for us. The choice has to come from within. It has to be our choice to say enough. I am prioritizing my peace. I am worth it. I am worthy of healing, I am worthy of doing the work. And that happiness and peace can only come from within. It can only the healing happens at the level of the mind and that’s where the, you know, the anxiety will fall away. So it’s always, always, always about putting ourselves first, taking mental health days if you need them from work. This is something that I see in my students because I teach graduate classes in counseling that we were just having a discussion that it seems like mental health days are becoming more acceptable to take a day off just because you need it, not because you’re sick and like totally knocked out with the flu or something like that.

Corinne Zupko:             29:04                Take mental health days, take your lunch break, do anything that you can do during the day to slow down. Because again, the pace of our culture, the pace of our society, it’s just going to keep going and we’re the ones that have to say, you know what? No, this isn’t working for me. I need to do something different.

Maria Felipe:                29:20                Yeah. I always say, you know, you have the right to say stop it world. I want to get off, you know, the right to say that into choose. Like I like to say piece first, you know, and, and peace is only found in that moment. And what a beautiful way to close to have those beautiful words that words expressed to you, which means a lot to me because it’s part of my teachings is like, there isn’t anything of yourself that is going to give you that happiness, you know, regardless of that promotion or accolade or whatever it is that you’re searching for. I’m not saying it’s bad. Of course, you know, let’s get excited and we’re grateful for certain things. Um, but at the same time, what are we doing here? You know, what are we doing here? And it’s so beautiful to be able to bask and be in this world knowing that, you know, yeah, you live in it, but you’re not of it.

Maria Felipe:                30:04                And, um, you get to experience an intense such happiness within that. Um, so this is currents book my friends. It’s a beautiful kind of reminds me of my favorite cover. I told you the power of now, cause you know I love Edgar Tulsa much. So it kind of reminds me of that. So that’s a good thing. Um, and you can get it on Amazon. You can also get at any bookstore just by ordering it. And also this thing about the meditation sounds really neat and I didn’t know that you did that. So where can people get that meditation, the meditations that go along with the book? The meditations are on Amazon,

Corinne Zupko:             30:41                Sun and Itunes, and I’ll have a link up on my website very, very shortly. So that’s super exciting. And I just want to add one more thing about, you mentioned the beginning that I’m a really good meditator and I would say that there are some meditations where I’m just, I have that monkey mind. I’m in a thousand different places. So it’s not like this is a process that we perfected and always have this wonderful meditation. It’s about showing up every moment, even if our minds are totally running a mock and going in a thousand different directions. Having that willingness to bring that wandering attention back to our awareness of love, to our willingness, even just to our breath. So that’s meaning that we’re good at meditation just means that we’re willing to show up and to get quiet and least for 30 seconds or a minute and minimum.

Maria Felipe:                31:27                Yes. And I love that you have um, created this tool because I feel will be very helpful because some people, you know, you they want to read but they also want some sort of, you know, guidance and especially a guided meditation from you would be helpful. Um, so basically on Amazon they would put the, the name of the book and they can find it. Um, probably searching

Corinne Zupko:             31:48                for [inaudible] or from anxieties, love meditations, it’s what it’s what it’s listed as.

Maria Felipe:                31:54                Perfect. And then also I’ll put the link on the comments below as well. And I’m, I’m excited to, to hear those. I had no idea. So surprise. I had no idea. All right, so the last question to wrap it up, which I ask all my guests is how does Curran live her happy? Corrine?

Corinne Zupko:             32:15                Her happy by being willing to be in the present moment. It doesn’t mean that I always am. It doesn’t mean that it’s always perfect, but that I have that willingness to get into the present because that’s where the Holy Spirit is. That’s where pieces, that’s where happy happiness is. And that’s how I lived. My happy is being in the now.

Maria Felipe:                32:33                That’s wonderful. All right. Every one. So I invite you to get these two books right. Happy train to, to very, very helpful Combo there. Um, and I love collaborating with other teachers such as yourself because I feel that this is what truly matters is joining to be able to, um, create the good, the holy and the beautiful and help and help people any way we can with just some, some chat. Just a little cat for sure. All right, everyone. Thank you Corinne. And as usual, we are on the happy train together.