Happiness is abundance. Happiness is peace. And happiness is love. What we often don’t realize, or tend to forget, is that happiness is within us. We think that abundance, peace, and love are “out there” somewhere, and that we can’t be happy until we find them. We get distracted and can’t live happily because we make every problem — from parking tickets, to losing a job, to being audited by the IRS — into a “big deal” that causes us suffering. This is why to be truly happy in this world,  we must be willing to change from the inside out. That means thinking and perceiving differently.

The key is to tap into your inner source of love, which I inner wisdom.
You can call it divine intuition or divine guidance, whatever resonates with you. I have learned through my journey that I have all the answers within. I just need to trust the voice of love in my mind.

The question is how can we hear that still small voice when the fearful voice we’re used to is so loud. Here are four tips on “living your happy” through connecting to your inner power of love.

1. Try BIG willingness.

Willingness simply means being open to the possibility of change. In my experience, one benefits the most from big willingness. We tend to become entranced by our problems and fears, so it takes real effort to change our minds. We must want to change without compromise. To say, for instance, “I am willing to stop when my mind begins to think negative nonsense, and choose loving thoughts instead.” Instead of, “I can’t,” you say, “I can”. Instead of, “I am not worthy,” you say, “I am totally worthy.” We must be willing to let go of the belief that we’re limited, unworthy, and not enough.


2. Choose peace.

When you are in a state of peace, you give your inner wisdom permission to shine its light in your mind. This is why it’s important to choose peace in every circumstance. For instance: When you have a job interview, you can go into it thinking “I want peace” instead of “I’ve got to have this job.” Instead of thinking, “I’ve got to make more money,” remember “I want peace.” This reorientation of your thinking takes your attention from the world “out there” and brings you within, where your true power resides. When you choose peace and calm, you can more easily receive the prompts of your inner guide.


3. Stay attuned to signs and symbols.

Divine guidance sometimes works in mysterious ways. It may not send you big “answers” so much as helpful coincidences, unexpected meetings, or not-so-subtle messages in songs, movies, or books that cross your path at exactly the right time. So pay attention, and be vigilant for signs of hope and change. Your inner wisdom will send you some fascinating pointers.


4. Practice, practice, practice.

As you consistently ask your inner guide for help, the connection to the love within you will get stronger and stronger. Your trust will build. You must practice getting out of your own way by forgiving and letting go. Then it’s easier for the voice of love within to guide you all the time. It’s like going to the gym. You work out consistently to get a better physique. It’s the same for the mind: you need to consistently choose thoughts of love to strengthen your access to inner wisdom.


Now that you know that you have a powerful inner guide, and that you have the power to choose your experience, you can be excited about no longer having to suffer. That’s what living your happy is all about!

Happy & Grateful,
Rev. Maria Felipe


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