Pathways of Light

Ministerial Program & Courses

The Ordained Ministerial Counselor training applies the principles of A Course in Miracles to spiritual ministry. Being an Ordained Ministerial Counselor (OMC) prepares you to fulfill your purpose of serving in this time of the Great Awakening. Upon completion of the Ministerial Curriculum you are qualified to offer Accessing Inner Wisdom Spiritual Counseling as well as to facilitate Pathways of Light Spiritual College courses and 8-week programs.

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A Course in Miracles Practitioner Training

The Pathways of Light ACIM Practitioner Training Program includes 24 courses which focus on topics such as forgiveness, wellness and living in the world while waking up. The courses are available as self-study or with a Mind Healing Partner to help you understand and apply A Course in Miracles in your everyday life.

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Working with Maria Felipe through the Pathways of Light ministerial curriculum has CHANGED MY LIFE. I began this journey very shy, hooked on life’s dramas, and unable to hear my inner voice.

Maria taught me to be gentle with myself, to laugh, and to have fun through my healing process. Every session we have is full of love, laughter, and practical tools that help me hear my inner voice and connect to the love within me.

Pathways of Light’s courses dig deep into my blocks to love, and Maria guided (and continues to guide!) me through every messy, uncomfortable feeling to experience healing.

Maria is literally a miracle worker, and her commitment to listening to her inner voice and to living this work inspires me daily.
I have learned how to practice and really live A Course in Miracles’s principles, and I am so grateful! I have become willing to be authentic, to listen to my inner voice, and to trust. There is no great gift than this. Thank you, Maria!

Carly G.