1on1 Counseling

via Phone or Skype

The power to heal is within you.

In my 1on1 Sessions I will guide you on how to access your Inner Wisdom to heal yourself.
We will set up a Happiness System, so you can LIVE YOUR HAPPY no matter what is going on in your world.

What we will explore together

– Remove Self-Created Barriers
– Accessing Inner Wisdom
– Deepen Meditation Practice
– Deepening A Course in Miracles Principles
– Cultivate Peace of Mind

How the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling can help?

The Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling sets the stage for you to take a look at unconscious “thought clusters” which may be behind the discomfort you are experiencing. My job is to put in back in touch with the truth you already are.

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Looking forward to healing together,
Certified Pathways of Light Minister

Fees: 1 to 1-1/2 hr., $149, or as guided by Spirit.

Number of Sessions

In these private sessions, I help you to tap into your Inner Wisdom and open your channels to Love. It is time to access your unlimited Love within for the rest of your life.”


“Reverend Maria Felipe is a great and caring person. My meeting with her was incredible. She made me feel comfortable from the start.

She clearly explained what the process was going to be and asked me all of the right questions.

She is willing to help and helped me understand the confusion I was dealing with.”

Daniel P.

“I really didn’t know what I was getting into or what would happen. All I knew was that something inside me said: “I had to try it and had to do it.” I don’t remember a whole lot about the session as I was in a deep state of relaxation, but I sure remember everything after that. I got the guidance that I have deserved for many years after throwing a lot of money down the drain with your typical “therapist” in L.A.

There are no words to describe how this one session has changed my life. The next day I got up with such energy and enthusiasm for life again like a teenager.

I even tackled my taxes in one day! It usually takes me 3 weeks to do.

Everything just seemed lighter and easier and better and I felt love, and allowed myself to start feeling everything. It’s been two weeks now and there is no obstacle that gives me fear or fatigue, but if I ever go back to that state where I felt numb or fearful, I fear not, -because I know where to find Maria! She is truly gifted and was meant to do this. Forever grateful, thanks Maria!!

Melinda B.

“I went to this meeting not knowing what I wanted or what to expect, nothing more than what you get from regular therapy sessions or counseling. I really didn’t know what I wanted.

But, soon after it started it took a different direction a direction of its own, something completely different happened it went out of my control and I was guided to a completely new experience.

A wonderful experience something beyond meditation, I was guided to an state where all answers are given, where there is no fear or uncertainty a wonderful energy encompasses you in which you find all your answers.

For me this meeting was a life changing events and I’m thankful to almighty and Maria Felipe.”​

Vahe K.