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Why this Meditation

Contrary to what this world teaches us. The power to heal is within us. We heal ourselves by getting radically honest about our feelings and having the willingness to go within and ask our Higher Self for guidance.

In this meditation inspired by Chapters 1 and 2 of my book Live Your Happy. I will guide you in taking a look your “Big Deals” (problems) you are experiencing. After this is brought fully into conscious awareness you will right them down and give them over to your higher self.


What You’ll learn

  1. Open the door for the knowledge of your Higher Self to help you see the reality surrounding the fear, tension, anxiety or lack of peace.
  2. Receive insights from your Higher Self, and heal your perception. Switch your perspective from fear to Love.
  3. Break through your “big deals” in your life and take an important step in your awakening process.



Audiobook Listening Sample

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