The Basics of A Course in Miracles


The time has come to get out of your own way so you can experience the happiness you deserve.

In this workshop, author Maria Felipe introduces core teachings from A Course in Miracles and explains how they can help you connect with your inner teacher, get the “cuckoo voice of your ego” out of the way, and access your personal power and inherent joy. Join us and Live Your Happy.

A happy outcome to all things is sure.

– ACIM Lesson 292


Live Online Workshop
August 7th 2021 on ZOOM
10 AM – 12 PM ET
Cost: $25

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What you’ll learn

  • How do we make the switch from fear to love?
  • How to connect to your Inner Wisdom?
  • What are the practical keys that ACIM is teaching us?
  • What makes a miracle happen?
  • What is True Forgiveness, what does it offer us and how do we practice it?
  • How do we find inner peace ?
  • Q & A and MORE!
  • BONUS: True Prayer PDF Worksheet + Healing ACIM Medition sent to your inbox!

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What others say

Thank you, Maria, for another deeply transformational workshop. When I got into spirituality I thought I would finally fix the aspects of myself I didn’t like… HA! Today I learned they never needed fixing. I learned from your workshop today, that not only are all of those pieces in me that I would want to turn away from are not only welcome to the table, they are delighted in as part of this feast of love. I am whole and innocent always, and so is everyone else. All are welcome to this feast!

Love you,


Your book and challenge have been wonderful. I am glad I found you. I will reread your book and stay with each of the practices again (and again and …)
The above was my channeling on day 3.
I’ve been reading ACIM, but living it is my goal and you have helped me open my heart to see more clearly my exceptions. It’s easier to blame what’s outside of me as being the issue, the zapper my happiness. Not! This is probably my biggest challenge. I need to see what’s being reflected back to me and understand everyone is my healer, my opportunity to grow, what and who I need right now, and be grateful.
I love that the Holy Spirit said, “Come back soon!” That made my heart smile!!!!! How can I resist a loving invitation like that? XOXO


I feel so blessed to have been in Maria’s Workshop called the “Transforming Power of Trust”. Maria is such a great teacher and she’s so full of enthusiasm, genuine heartfelt love and joy.

During the workshop I felt so much gratitude for her honesty, she shares from her own life and she uses her life experience to share great teachings from ACIM.

Maria is a gifted teacher who deliver’s beautiful messages from Spirit. I felt the Love, Presence and Peace pour from Maria and the gifted singer Neda Boin brought me to tears of joy. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss Maria’s next workshop and get your Happy On!

Mary Lu

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maria over the last few years including 1:1 coaching, the 9 week online program and attending a workshop in London! Maria has helped me apply the teachings of ACIM into every part of my life. She has taught me how to live my happy (which is my inheritance), laugh and forgive my crazy caca, quiet my mind and listen to Spirit. Maria helps bring lightness and joy into a spiritual practice, which is the way it should be! Maria is a beautiful soul who is full of life, energy, happiness and walks the talk! I’m so grateful our paths have crossed.


Thank you for sharing your love and light with us. Your generous spirit is inspiring!
I struggle with remembering who I am and get caught up in the world of form so easily. However I must say since reading your book and doing the 7 day happinesses challenge I’ve noticed it’s been easier to connect and with the fact I am as God created me and I have everything I need and to trust the truth of the Holy Spirit and not the illusions of the ego.