Live Your Happy 365

Daily ACIM Lessons

Fun – Practical – Based on Experience 🙂

What is Live Your Happy 365?

Live Your Happy 365 are FREE Daily ACIM Video Lessons.
It is designed to share our “real” life experience with the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles and how we apply the lessons in our daily life.

Recorded Daily on YouTube | Fun – Practical – Based on Experience 🙂

I think it’s about time we LIVE the teachings of ACIM:
➤➤➤ Let’s go.

- Maria + Christian

What You’ll Learn

How 2 people apply ACIM in their daily life & all the healing that occurs 🙂
Join US for daily videos on the A Course in Miracles Workbook lessons. We will share insights, practical application, personal stories and have fun! The time has come to live it!
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Let’s heal together

Fun – Practical – Based on Experience 🙂

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