“Excitement / Following your Happy is your body’s physical translation of the true core nature of who you really are

The reason that we follow our happy is so important is that happiness is who and what you are. You are made of excitement, joy, bliss, light, passion. So when you follow it, you are being you.

You Know the Way
To be the most natural true self that you can be, follow your joy, bliss, and happiness. When you feel these emotions it is your God / Holy Spirit telling you to go in that direction and that is who you truly are. Taking action on your happiness is the way to be the most authentic you that you can be. It is the way to live your life purpose.

God & Holy Spirit see the big picture
and “conceives” how the fullest life for you is going to happen. Your physical self only “perceives” what is happening and has no ability to conceive how anything happens. Your brain is the receiver that “receives” the information from God / Holy Spirit. Your imagination is the conduit your higher self uses to communicate with your physical self. You are in the flow of life when you allow yourself to be guided through your imagination, follow your happiness, and let go of the steering wheel and stop attempting to control physical circumstances and allow the higher self to do the driving.

Life works automatically!
You do not need to question it, manipulate it, or control it. You are always completely abundant and have what you need when you need it. If you do not have it, you do not need it. To experience being in the flow and life naturally working on its own, let go of limiting beliefs that are preventing it from flowing and follow your happiness.

When you follow your happy, you are following God’s happy plan for your existence, and you will be synchronistically led in perfect timing to the exact locations, circumstances, and people that are necessary for you to be the most that you can be. God is doing its utmost to bring you what you need. All you need to do is stop resisting and let go of what is trying to get away from you and let in what is trying to get to you.

So go out & Follow Your Happy
Maria Felipe

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