In one word: HAPPINESS! Happiness is our function.

But it’s hard to keep our happy going while being attached to this world of separation, fear, lack and limitation. The good news is that you can see it another way — by recognizing that it is meaningless until we treat it all with love. When we give things any other meaning, we make every problem a “big deal” that causes us suffering, from parking tickets to losing a job to being audited by the IRS.

When we begin to unhook ourselves from these big deals, then we can experience a meaningful life that’s inspired from within, not determined by outer circumstances. We live in trust, knowing that all is unfolding perfectly.

We know that our inner guide, which I like to call the “Holy Spirit,” has our back and will always bring us back to love, compassion, and forgiveness.

We can always ask about any problem: “Can I see this another way? What is the truth in this?” And then make this request: “Show me, Spirit, where to go, what to say, and what to do.” Then we begin living our happy, not just for ourselves but for everyone.
We become living demonstrations of a meaningful life!

Happy & Grateful,
Maria Felipe

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