Being an actress and TV host for all my adult life, I never had a steady income. I only made money when I booked a job. This helped me build trust in the flow of income in my life and the confidence to know that I am always provided for.

There were times after my divorce when I found myself down to my last thousand dollars, and I never worried about it. I paid my bills gladly, knowing that my source is plentiful. I have never really suffered from scarcity thinking, and thank goodness! (My grievances with men have been enough of a learning challenge.)

In the spring of 2013, I decided to move from my place in Los Angeles at a time when the real-estate market was in shambles. The only good option for me was to short-sell my condo. One day I was taken aback when the very nice guy handling my short sale said to me, as if he were asking a question: “You are so happy? You went through a divorce, you had a miscarriage, you have no money, you’re going through a short sale, and you are happy? How?”

At that moment I had a rush of love run through my body because I realized how free I felt. I was grateful and proud of myself, and I hadn’t really noticed before. It was a beautiful moment. I said, “Yeah, I’m happy. I know that none of this stuff really matters. I am eternally provided for, and it has nothing to do with this world.”

Suddenly, I could see all the things that had happened to me as gifts, each one an opportunity to remember my wholeness again. This is true abundance, and I’m grateful I was finally ready for it!

Here is a brief prayer that you can use as written, or adapt in your own words, to help you focus your intention on finding your true abundance within. If you’re struggling with money or other material shortcomings, use it daily to get to the source of the problem.

“Thank you, God, for the awareness of abundance in my mind. I am willing to understand my inheritance at a deeper level. I let go of my identification with my body and all external things. I step into your arms and recognize that I have everything and lack nothing. Standing in truth, I am one with all, whole and holy. Thank you, God, for never abandoning me, for always being here within. And thank you for giving me the Holy Spirit as a divine tool for realizing awareness, which never really leaves.”

May you have an abundant day,

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