Pinot Noir for the Higher Good!
The REAL story of the book

When you give everything over to the Holy Spirit, where to go and what to do becomes obvious… and in my case, it feels easy! This was the case with my book Live Your Happy,published by New World Library in April 2017.

I had no plans to write a book. I suffer from dyslexia, and honestly I don’t like to write or read much. But as I’ve learned since becoming a minister, nothing is up to “me” — it’s a matter of what serves the higher good.

In this case, Pinot Noir and Facebook helped me serve the higher good. After having a yummy glass of wine I wrote a paragraph that I felt could be in a book, and posted it on FB as “an excerpt from my book.” (Never post when drinking!) D. Patrick Miller, a literary agent and original publisher of The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, responded and inquired about my book! Well, I did not have a book; it was the Pinot Noir talking!  After several conversations that led me to letting go of the belief that I couldn’t be a writer, we decided to create a book proposal. In a few months, we had a book deal!
How did this happen?

I got out of my own way, but most importantly I stepped into full trust. I didn’t try to make it happen, nor did I let the book define me or become a “big deal.” I used the teachings from the Pathways Of Light ministerial program and ACIM, and embodied them fully. No compromise!
From the book:

“The secret of living your happy is that you don’t have to find something or someone that’s missing before you can claim it. But it is useful to identify any barriers that get in the way of living your happy — including fear, impatience, and doubt. We’ll look more closely at those barriers as we go along. For now, just be willing to give up whatever might be blocking your well-deserved joy. This is how you will get out of your own way and let the will of God — which is the same as the intention of love — be accomplished instead.“

The book is not so much about understanding the truth, but rather experiencing it. This is something I struggled with when I read self -help books; I’d understand the material and feel really good for a hot second, then I was back to my own ways. I’m hoping that my book speaks to your true Self in an easy and joy-filled way! But as I mention in the introduction: “It’s not necessarily easy” — you have to want to change, or the cuckoo-mind of the ego will have its way with you.

As I step into this new world of being an author I am not sure what’s going to happen.  But I am sure that I will be living my happy no matter what happens.

Happy & Grateful,
Maria Felipe

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