The month of April every year for me has truly become a magical time. Big shifts, big life changing events have occurred. April 14th 2017 my book Live Your Happy launched.
April 30th 2017 I got engaged to my now husband Christian Mauerer. April 20th 2018 my son Ari was born
TODAY April 14th marks the start of Holy Week and the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of the Live Your Happy AUDIOBOOK – just 2 years after the first print publication.


I can’t help but think what a beautiful sign this is. Holy Week is a time we can practice avoiding temptations to listen to the ego and giving up the words and actions that come from this listening in order to be ready to receive the gift of awareness of our true nature.


We can use this time to release any beliefs that contradict the truth and practice accepting and experiencing our true nature and our
connection to God. The message of Live Your Happy goes hand and hand with this because it also helps us return to our true Self.


This book has changed so many lives across the world and now I am happy that it can now spread even MORE with the Audiobook. This book was recorded right after I had my son Ari. I read it coming from a deep space of love and compassion. Not to mention that it’s funny! You can forever hear me now saying the words “cuckoo” or “caca” on Amazon Audible.

Such as in this paragraph:

“We can choose to see the world through the eyes of love or through the eyes of fear. This is the fundamental choice of our everyday life. In the terms of A Course in Miracles, this means deciding between the thought systems of the Holy Spirit or the ego.
The whole world as we experience it exists because most people choose ego — the way of fear — most of the time. That is, we tend to think that we are separate, alone, unworthy, and guilty. Please excuse my Spanish if I suggest that this is all a bunch of caca!”


You can get the Audiobook on Audible by clicking HERE.
You can get a FREE Sample Reading of the book by clicking HERE.

Thank you for spending the time reading this. I conclude this blog with a big fat smile on my face.

Enjoy the listen
Mama Maria

PS: I am forever grateful for the nudge of my book agent D Patrick Miller to write this book, New World Library for publishing it, Pathways of Light for the incredible Minister Curriculum I went through and lastly my husband & Web Designer Christian Mauerer for inspiring me to produce this Audiobook on my own when I was scared to death feeling this was way too big of a project for me.

But, as we know there is nothing to big that love cannot handle and as the message of Holy Week expresses we just need to get out of our own way and love WILL always prevail.
The story of Live Your Happy is a true testimony to that!