Maria Felipe interviews Jackie Lora Jones as they discuss motherhood and Ken Wapnick, asking what is our starting point in the mind for moving through the dream? Is our salvation tied into what we want to manifest?

Jackie reminds us ACIM is not about WHAT I’m doing in the world and rather WHO am I doing it with – God or Ego? Practicing True Forgiveness and being miracle-ready can lead to a happier dream!

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Maria Felipe: 00:02 Hi everyone and welcome to Live Your Happy TV. I am so honored and so blessed to continue to bring you this amazing content every week and interview exciting new teachers, people that I feel are doing a lot for this consciousness where we stand in this world and this cfo of a world I like to call it. And then you guys can google what that is. So we have these amazing teachers that have, that are, that are here such lights in this world that I love to bring on, to share their wisdom and to share how they live their happy and how they practice daily. These principles from this amazing book called a course of miracles. So speaking about the course of miracles this week, we have an amazing teacher, she teaches here in la and I’ll put those details that later in the comments below or in the description below, as well as she is a hypnotherapist and certified hypnotherapist, which I want to talk to her about because I want to do hypnotherapy.
Maria Felipe: 01:05 Um, so I’m going to talk to her a little bit about that. Um, she also has an amazing podcast. It’s an audio podcast is global. And I’ve heard, I’ve been on it myself and I’ve actually heard really great things about it from my manager Stephanie, that she listens in every week. And also my ex assistant also, lex used to hear her and she’s amazing. True forgiveness teachings. It’s called and we’ll put information of that on the description as well. But let’s get back to the happy business cause that’s what we’re here to discuss. Everyone. Let’s welcome Jackie. Jackie, thanks for being here. Woo.
Jackie Lora Jones: 01:45 Hello everyone. Hello. Beautiful Maria. And thank you so much. I’m honored to be on live your happy TV.
Maria Felipe: 01:52 It suits you because you know you and that smile, you’re could be like a poster child for it.
Jackie Lora Jones: 01:58 Ah, thank you. Filled with filled with joy. Yes. Inner Joy,
Maria Felipe: 02:04 right? Yeah. And it’s um, it’s beautiful because I, um, I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with you lately cause I had my baby shower and you were there. And also, um, cindy, your sister Cindy Renard, Jackie, for those that don’t know cindy, I mean Jackie Cindy’s sister who was married to Gary Renard. So that’s how we all are. No each other connected, connected and it’s been just so beautiful how our friendship has flourished and how kind of spirits bringing us together more and more. And um, we get to collaborate and things like this. So Jackie, I wanted to ask you a few questions throughout this, you know, 20 minutes that we’re going to be together and I just wanted to start with, um, I know that you are a fan of Ken Walkin and I wanted to know how his teachings have influenced your life. Wow, that is a great question. Let’s see. 20 minutes. Yes. I’m such a
Jackie Lora Jones: 03:00 big fan of Chenwa up nick. And he really helped clarify the non-dualistic message of a course in miracles for me, which the non-dualistic messages that God is the only reality, right? And everything else is of our making. And so his prolific work and giving us, um, commentary on the lessons and the manual for teachers and the text itself really helps undo the ego so we can really live in the happy dream of forgiveness here while we’re awakening to our true identity as spirit. So it’s really been amazing. His work and his teachings.
Maria Felipe: 03:44 Yeah. If anybody wants to know more about Ken, I’m Walkin, he’s actually everywhere on Youtube, so you can go ahead and search him. And, um, Jackie and I, um, you know, highly suggest that you can use it as a, as a resource, um, because he’s, he’s an amazing teacher also. He, um, I actually just read a book that he wrote that’s called parents and children the most difficult classroom.
Jackie Lora Jones: 04:09 Yes. No, no.
Maria Felipe: 04:13 When I, when I got pregnant baby Ari, right when I got pregnant, I bought that book like right away. Cause I was like, I want to be a, for you to really integrate the principles of the course of miracles and my motherhood and, and as, uh, you know, as a mother to Ra. Um, and it’s been so powerful and it’s actually, I thought it was, the book was going to be all about, um, basically parenting. But actually the book is on healing your relationship with your parents. Yes. I was like, what is going on here? But it’s because that’s the way that you’re a good parent is by healing your relationship with your parents.
Jackie Lora Jones: 04:49 Right. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. Isn’t it interesting how everything comes back to our own stuff and looking at everything. Right. It’s true. It’s just amazing. I have to tell you funny story really quick. Yes, please. For, we were logging on, I just grabbed at my course book and stuff like that and I was just kind of looking through. I literally open to forgiveness is the key to happiness lesson one 21 because that’s my favorite lesson. Mark is my witness. This fell out of that page. Did you not thought to open it and this fell out? I said, aw, day.
Maria Felipe: 05:43 I just slow how spirit works. You know? And it’s so interesting because people will think like that’s a coincidence on, no, what happens is when you start to get really connected to spirit, the symbols are epic and they’re in there. They’re intense because they’re in your face. Yeah,
Jackie Lora Jones: 06:00 absolutely. Absolutely. But I interrupted kind of the earlier point you were making, which was that, you know, we always, the course is always teaching us, we are the dreamer of the dream, not the figure in the dream. So we always have to bring things back to the self. And Jesus, I was also says in the course to teach us to demonstrate. So in relation to you and Ari and now you’re talking about, Gosh, I’m up, I’m a parent and everything living the principles coming from how you’re thinking, whatever your interaction is with little cutie, that’s the healing is, is in the mind and the power of the mind is so strong as you know that the Holy Spirit, right? Mine will direct all your functioning here.
Maria Felipe: 06:48 I love that you brought that up because um, being a mom and going to like for instance, my Wednesday lactation group support group, I see a lot of mother’s suffering and I see them having a really hard time, which I also had myself when I first had the baby. I went through a lot of challenges of, of having balance, of having the person in our, in my relationship with Christian and everything, everything was just like really, really challenging. And I remember that the only way that I was able to come back to center was because of the tools of understanding that it’s all in the mind and how, and then I’m going to choose within my mind, Holy Spirit or ego constantly and, and, and it took something and, and I really had to work it. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
Maria Felipe: 07:34 And I was like, oh my God, am I going to lose my mind now? Like it’s people like Maria Philipa from livery happy node to have like a breakdown and literally die. Who’s like, if it was I was going to happen because of idle, idle, I don’t kick my holy spirit voice up into gear right now. I’m going to fucking die. Right? We feel that way, don’t we? Oh my God. That’s how I felt. And I love that you said about the mind because, um, a lot of these, these, these parents or these new girls that are new parents or just anybody in general, it doesn’t even have to be parents. Um, it all starts with the mind. And I feel that when you know, and you know what teacher, you have the Holy Spirit and ego, then you’re good and you just follow. But they teach, they have all these books for when you’re pregnant.
Maria Felipe: 08:24 Um, Jackie, like, you know, 12 hours to let your baby sleep 12 hours or get your baby to sleep, 12 hours, I don’t know, whatever it is, right? I don’t read them, but they exist and they’re very, and they’re very helpful. They’re very helpful. But at the end of the day, it goes back to your mind because of my baby could sleep 12 hours, but if my mind is not in check after those 12 hours on my baby slept, I’m going to tell Christian off because he didn’t do the garbage the way you wanted to, even though my baby slept 12 hours. Does that make sense? So you’re still always starts with the mind.
Jackie Lora Jones: 08:58 It does. It does. And you know what is so interesting, Maria, that I found with my practice of the course, you know, and as you know already, it’s not what we’re doing. It’s who we’re doing it with. So I can be with my baby and irritation or I can be with my baby and peace Christian, me getting triggered because Christian didn’t take out the garbage. You know your example. I can make that real and and be an irritation or say, gosh, no, that would have been really helpful to me or whatever it is, or come from peace. It’s always, what is our starting point? Where are we starting from? You asked about Ken wa Nick earlier. Can I share this example that he’s pleased he used to give about what is our starting point? He, and I’m paraphrasing this, but he reached in to kiss Gloria, his wife once because she was sick and she said, oh no, don’t kiss me, you’ll get sick. He said, oh no, I’m going to kiss you and give you my wellness.
Maria Felipe: 10:10 Oh my God, I love that.
Jackie Lora Jones: 10:13 And it isn’t that beautiful and it clarifies that what is our starting point? So if we start and make it a decision to start with the Holy Spirit or Jesus every day, we’re already setting ourselves up to be miracle ready instead of judgment ready. So when that opportunity comes up, that red flag or never deprived of our opportunities are we forgiven this opportunities. When those come up, we’re already almost in a miracle state of readiness. Talk about this. And then the forthcoming book instead of being Judgment Ready, which boy we’re eating, the ego thoughts system, we’re poised to attack. But if we can remember to stop and say, oh my gosh, you know what, making this very real right now, I can still get my point across. I can still have a preferences, but I can either be irritated or peaceful while I’m doing it. Right.
Maria Felipe: 11:12 Yeah. And I love how you call it judgment ready are miracle ready. I think it’s very easy, tangible and practical. Um, so I’m happy that you’re going to share about that in your book upcoming book. That’s going to be our next year. And, um, I’ll definitely this year book one. Oh really? Oh I can see hers and slated for this year. Yeah. How exciting.
Jackie Lora Jones: 11:33 Yeah. It’ll be fun. Hopefully people will find it helpful.
Maria Felipe: 11:36 Yeah, I’m sure especially with everything that you’re riffing about today in regards to how practical also you talk about it, which is I love to have teachers on that are practical cause I feel that I suffered so long with, you know, self help books and that type of genre and I never was really happy. And I think it had a lot to do with um, really having people write books that really bring it into like what I did with live. You’re happy, which is really integrate the principles in your life and, and, and how to do that at a consistent level without compromise, you know? Oh yes, love your book live, you’re happy. And this whole thing about thank you and it’s this whole thing about the mind. It’s so powerful and I want to stay on this subject just because I feel that it’s just a powerful subject.
Maria Felipe: 12:26 Um, you’re so right because when I’m with Ari I can choose two ways of being and a lot of people say that some children are really easy and some children are very difficult depending on their personalities and yes, to certain extent for my agree. Although it’s interesting because also Ari could also for me feel like he’s hard if I perceive him that way. You see, because if he’s being fussy about anything, I could be like, ah, you know, coming from my ego, oh my God, like this because being such a pain in the butt right now, like can you please stop crying? Or I can just be very gentle and see it another way and, and by Holy Spirit and my mind to perceive my child differently and kind of rocked them, give them some kisses and maybe he might not be quiet, but my perception of him would be that he’s easy because it comes from me, it comes from me. If he’s a pain in the butt child or not, it really comes from me. And I feel that that’s a lot of people don’t get that they are victim little to the world. They see by thinking that their children are good or bad and children are in good or bad or easier or harder. It’s just how you perceive them and how you’re being with them.
Jackie Lora Jones: 13:33 Excellent. Beautifully said. Oh, I would suggest, uh, one thing that goes along with what you explained so well is that we’re automatically going to do that like with a child or a or a spouse or a boss or a coworker. So part of the practice of, of course in miracles is we’ve already done that. We’ve gone the, so we don’t want to feel guilty about that. We want to look right at that. Look at the, with Jesus by our side and he’s going to tell us, hey, it’s okay. You can now choose once again, we’re not always going to be able to respond peacefully, but part of the work is when we don’t respond peacefully, we now know there’s another choice. It’s so powerful. Think of a time, all of us, I get a lot of questions from clients and they say, I just don’t feel like I’m making progress.
Jackie Lora Jones: 14:32 Then I say, you know what? The Ego will never let you look. If you look without judgment and just observe your, oh there I go again. Do it just as lightly. No judgment of yourself. That is the choice for the Holy Spirit because the ego would never let you look. The Ego cannot survive without judgment, but don’t we always beat ourselves up. So instead when comes at scripted out, we’ve already done it. But in that moment we go, ah, that’s my opportunity. That’s my forgiveness opportunity to go back to the mind because I don’t feel peaceful right now and I can make another choice. Right?
Maria Felipe: 15:18 Yeah. That’s, and it’s so practical too. And I love this part that you talk about cause I think it’s important that stands out to me because it’s something that I love until beautifully expressed. Which is the part that you say basically just even being aware and like stopping yourself and looking at it is, it’s progress, it’s progress and it’s already taking you into right mind. Just the awareness of it and I feel people don’t realize that because you’re so an eagle that you feel that nothing’s working, but just to realizing that you can make a choice is you’re headed back home and I really, I really liked that. I remember a time when all of us
Jackie Lora Jones: 15:56 didn’t know or I’ll, I’ll speak for myself. I want to, I didn’t know about that two parts of the mind. We’re lost in the the ego mind, so that’s progress. That’s progress. Just knowing, you know what, I’m too mad to make the choice right now because I want to be mad, but I know I can do it. I know I can do it if I want to. That’s powerful.
Maria Felipe: 16:20 Yeah, it’s very powerful and also very, very helpful and something that you really, radically changes your experience in this world of form. In a sense that I feel that when you really understand that you have two teachers that run the show in your mind, love or fear, you can call it as well or holy spirit or ego and you’re constantly choosing either and you’re responsible for that choice. You live a higher, a more beautiful high vibrational life when you’re in spirit. And I have to say, and I want to talk about now dedication and practice, um, because that’s why the course has 365 lessons. There’s no, that’s why is for the practice and I feel that you’re really good at that and I wanted you to share, um, how important it is to really integrate these principles because that’s how we really see change. I feel that sometimes, and I’m sure that you’ve come across this with your students, just like I have, you know, people want to change but not really.
Maria Felipe: 17:27 It’s like I want to change but not really because we still want to hold on to something. And I know because I’ve been there, you know, I’ve been there, done that. I’ve been like, I want to have an amazing relationship. I want to have an amazing spiritual man in my life that’s loving, that’s blah, blah, blah. You know, uh, an uh, a spiritual honk. Like I like I wanted it so bad, but at the same time I wasn’t practicing that in my life. I was looking at all the wrong places for love, which was outside of me. I was also looking for love in all the wrong places and all these men that weren’t available. And it wasn’t, I wasn’t an alignment. So it was like I am love, I would say, but I wasn’t practicing self love daily and my life with myself or others until I started to do that. And now I’ve manifested and created in my life Christian, which is a beautiful spiritual honk and, and I’ve been able to create that any such a beautiful soul because I changed within. But I feel that, that, that, that I am love, I am loved. Period needs to happen. Does that make sense? Oh thanks. It makes
Jackie Lora Jones: 18:31 perfect sense. And it’s, it’s so true. Um, once again, we go back to the mind right now we’re taught in, in many the spiritual buffet line. I kind of call it, as you were alluding to later, we try these different techniques and, and we try all these things, you know, um, but we don’t go within first and here’s what I think is, is really important, right? We’re going to have all these different choices or myriad of, of seeming choices here, right? But if we go within first and we understand that, you know, what we are love everything. Where I really am is okay and if we put out there something that we want to manifest, do we have to put ourself vacation in? It is what the course would ask us is it’s fine if we want to manifest things. It’s built into the script, the life script here that we’re viewing, that we want to manifest things.
Jackie Lora Jones: 19:38 What the problem comes in is that our salvation is in it and that’s making it so real that I’m not going to be happy unless I get the outward thing instead of manifesting anything in the dream. Is Fine. It’s built into the script. Some things we’ll be able to manage us, some things we won’t, but guess what? If it’s not who we are and is not the thing that brings us peace and happiness, we’re okay. Guess what? Water’s magic. Food is magic. We want to drink water. We want to um, eat food and guess what? We want to hunky man, but does our, is our salvation in it? Can’t we just say, oh my gosh, you know, again, what’s our starting point? I wake up in the Holy Spirit mind and it’s like a game. It’s like, oh, I want to manifest this guy. Okay, here’s what I do and I write all this down.
Jackie Lora Jones: 20:32 Well, you’re already doing that. That’s in the script to script it out for you. Then maybe you just go have a sandwich or something. You’re not. Your whole identity is not wrapped into it. That’s the ego thoughts system. Making everything real believer in your body. So the course is radical teaching is that do the things you’re gonna do. You’re gonna do those things. Who are you going to do it with? Who, which voice am I going to follow in the dream? Which voice am I going to listen to while I’m doing all these things? Maybe it’s these manifesting techniques have been scripted out for me. So all of a sudden I find myself finding these great tools and everything. I use them. Just the differences. Who are you doing it with and is your salvation in it? If your salvation is in it, you’re just, you’re furthering illusion and you’re dependent on that.
Jackie Lora Jones: 21:26 But if you’re just doing an activity in the body, just responds to the intentions of the mind. So if you’re just doing an activity but then you’re just like, okay, yeah, I’ll do that. Let’s see what happens. Awesome. And then say it’s just a distinction. You know, men, we can do all the things we want to do here, uh, peacefully, right? Because on the flip side, Maria, it’s really interesting. People will not do something because it’s not spiritual, right? But that’s making it real, just as real on the other side by your resistance to doing it because it’s not spiritual. See, so the ego so tricky isn’t it? It gets in there because at once this to say, yeah, you’re a body and your salvation comes from everything outside of yourself. Right.
Maria Felipe: 22:13 I love that because what I’m, what I’m listening to is basically that it’s not bad to manifest, it’s just, it’s just within that amount of mind if that, that thing is going to complete you basically, or is it going to make you happy or is it going to define you? And I think that that’s the distinction there. Cause I don’t think it’s bad to want things inform as a human being. You want things inform one of them being, you know, you want water or you want an underwear, clean underwear, right? These are things that bodies do. But also is, is, is, is these are, what are, let’s say Mercedes, is that going to define you or is that going to complete yours? Does that make you happy or is does that make you comfortable? You know, things like that that I think is just important to observe.
Maria Felipe: 23:03 And I love that we’re coming up with this topic of manifesting cause it’s been coming up a lot in my life. Um, especially being, um, yeah, last, you know, last week I talked to Jim about this and also it’s something that’s come up my relationship with Christian because a while back, um, he said to me, um, well, you know, if, if, if then I’m not going to go out and form and not, you know, and not, you know, want things informed, then I minus when I’m just going to trust, then you know, I might as well just not do anything. So I think sometimes people get confused with the message of the course that it’s not that you do anything, it’s not like I’ve kind of walked in, has said, it’s not like you go quit your job. It’s not that, it’s just what you’re saying is it’s just don’t look outside for you to be whole and complete because you are already whole and complete. And from that space you create cocreate with spirit and there’s going to be promptings that are very spontaneous. It’s not even manipulated. Is that even controlled? It’s just
Jackie Lora Jones: 24:02 yes. Yes. What do you think of it this way? This is what the mind does. The mind creates our illness. So the mind can eradicate our illness. The mind, you know, does this and the mind does that so the Mike Can Manifest, but Jesus tells us in the course at some point, do we want to stay on the bottom rung of the ladder meeting? Do we want to keep playing around in, in form, which we’re not feeling guilty about that. He’s just saying that the, for the purposes of clarification, you eventually kind of move up the rungs of the ladder and you’re understanding that, oh my gosh, it’s not really what happens here. That’s really interesting. It’s with whom am I watching this with? With who is the teacher in my mind, and you know what, Maria, we’re able to have peace no matter what is going on outside of us.
Jackie Lora Jones: 25:02 That’s the gift of a course in miracles. It’s only about, mine doesn’t say anything about behavior, what you should do or not do here. It just wants you to have the right teacher in mind first because that will slowly bring you from illusion to spirit. Going from mindlessness in the world, lost in the dream to mindfulness and saying, oh my gosh, I’m the, I am the dreamer of this stream and I can see it differently. So power the miracle, the miracle shows us who the dreamer is. And from above the battleground, we can kind of contrast these two dreams, the egos and the Holy Spirit’s and say, Gosh, as the Holy Spirit takes over our mind, we’ve just favor inner peace, joy and happiness so much. And it’s not dependent on outward circumstances, but we enjoy them when enjoyment is called for in the script and we enjoy it when we manifest. And then we go, oh my gosh, this came into me. How Fun. Okay. Uh, what’s for dinner? I mean, we generalize, you know, an illusion. It’s an illusion isn’t an illusion.
Maria Felipe: 26:11 Oh, you are, you enjoy when you’re doing karaoke.
Jackie Lora Jones: 26:14 Yeah. My favorite things to do.
Maria Felipe: 26:18 Bacchae hitting the microphone and doing karaoke at Cindy’s place too. It’s like little black alpha. She’ll be like a sexy bombbomb girl. He was like, she was so happy, like fully self expressed.
Jackie Lora Jones: 26:33 Oh, that’s India. And I love singing in love Karaoke. I’m a little hoarse right now for people that maybe know me out there. There. Oh, she sounds a little different. I’m getting over a little, a little chest cold. But yeah, I love, love, love Karaoke, singing. So in Cindy got that machine, we’re like, oh, we’re going to have a lot of fun nights over here.
Maria Felipe: 26:55 Yeah. And you know what’s, what’s interesting is that we could even use that as an example. Like for instance, Cindy’s a professional singer. Yeah. So you know, she loves to sing. She sings with Gary when she, they’re doing workshops and you know, if you’re going to take like her as a singer is like, you know, you could manifest and it’s like wow, her purpose is to sing and she loves to sing and that’s manifestation. She could manifest, you know, jobs, a singing and there’s nothing wrong with that. But on the other side is if she’s making a very wheel, that’s her identity, which means if she doesn’t get the Gig, she gets sad earth, which is fine. But do you know what I mean? There’s two different distinction of like, you can manifest and have these beautiful things in life and be a singer and be singing world wider.
Maria Felipe: 27:33 At the same time. You can be like, oh my God, I really want to record this and a better work and I’m going to, I’m going to produce a CD and I want to sell 20,000 of them. It’s a different energy then allowing for God’s will to be done versus your will ultimately. And that’s where the key is. And this is such like a big subject for me because this is so huge nowadays because a lot of people suffer because of manifestation because they don’t manifest their dreams or their goals and they get depressed and they make it very, very, very real. And they even commit suicide. And we’re seeing that now even with like kate, Katie, kate spade, passing away in the, that chef passing away materially, they have everything you would think. They manifest it, everything. And you would think that that would bring them happiness.
Maria Felipe: 28:21 And on the contrary, it ha I did it right. Um, so, and I just feel like nowadays when I look on Facebook, I just get goosebumps when I see seven steps to manifesting or seven steps for your goals to come true. Or there’s like the Internet’s saturated with like courses and endless courses and online programs and I even have one coming out. It’s like, it’s like Ellis of all these things, and I’m not saying they’re bad, right? But also I want to bring in this semester of that that this whole story of that your happiness outside of you and manifesting will bring you happiness. It’s very helpful for it to be transformed and changed because I think as a society we’re just going to be happier. True, true happiness. Exactly. Cheerleader happiness.
Jackie Lora Jones: 29:08 Well said. Well said. True happiness. Because what happens Maria, when we get one thing, the dream, we want another thing or now we want this or now we want that. It never ends here. You know the Egos model motto is seek and do not find. Jesus tells us in the course so we can find temporary relief here. A Modicum of peace here and there. If we get a a windfall of money or something like that, but then what happens after that and what happens after that? And so, um, I think one of the things that’s so unique about a course in miracles, if people decide that it’s the path for them, and there are many paths, we know, thousands of the course says this is one path in the universal curriculum. But if it is for you, one of the unique things it’s so powerful is that as you were saying, oh, there’s all these people have all these books and how to manifest is it?
Jackie Lora Jones: 30:08 Well, they’re trying to fix the illusion from within the illusion. The course is waking up, waking you up from your dream that there is a world. It’s asking you to change your thought. They get gave rise to the world no matter what you’re doing in the world. Not a minor distinction. The course says, one of my favorite lines, tranquil mind is not a little gift. Well, boy, can you imagine being peaceful no matter what was going on around you, peaceful in the mind, knowing you’re not peaceful because you’re more spiritual than someone. You’re more advanced. You’re older, you learned your lessons, your piece will, because you recognize that what you’re seeing isn’t true. You’re more that feels, and that feels so good. Yes. For people that understand what the, what the course is actually saying, does it mean you don’t do things in the world? We have to. We’re not asked to deny that. Yeah. Asked to look at it differently. That’s how we slowly awaken from the dream of fear. If we woke up and go, went poof in the night, we would be like, it would be so scary. So Jesus leads us from our nightmares or dreams to a gentler dream where we’re looking at the world differently. We’re slowly undoing the separation idea. We’re slowly undoing and remembering where the dream or we’re at cause courses of course, and cause and effect the world. So the effect takes care of itself.
Maria Felipe: 31:54 That’s what, and that’s what Jesus was really good at is to not making this world real. Just like Buddha is the same. And all these people, they were just really, really good at not making the world so real. And um, I think that that’s where the manifold manifesting topic comes in. Is, is, um, is what’s outside of you defining you? Are you making it real? Are you making it a big deal? Are you allowing it to take away your piece? Cause because ultimately as we’ve all known, we’ve done the rat race and there’s, you get to carry one another Karen and you want more carrots and then you know, and um, it tends to, you get to, I got to the point that I was eating too many carrots and I was done eating too. Well said. That’s right. I was like done. So to conclude into, to end, um, Jackie, I wanted to know how to you live. You’re happy
Jackie Lora Jones: 32:52 with forgiveness because forgiveness is the key to happiness. And the lesson that follows that is forgiveness offers me everything I want because I feel the peace and joy of the creator all the time has nothing to do with what’s happening out there on my screen. I live my happiness with forgiveness every day, which is recognizing that nothing outside of me can take my piece away
Maria Felipe: 33:20 without my permission. That’s beautiful. Thank you so much for your time today. It was amazing. It was a hot topic for me, which is this whole manifesting thing cause it’s right. It’s like, it’s like, it’s, it’s, it’s so, it’s such a hot topic and I feel that it’s so beautiful to be able to bring a new message of a different type of manifestation, um, a way of living more in the world and understanding you’re not of it. So thank you so much dear sister. And so welcome. Thank you for having me. I’m excited about your book and um, we love you. We appreciate everything you’re doing and to all you guys that our taking us out please. If this video has inspired you, have you have found that helpful? I invite you to share it. I invite you to also take a look at Jackie’s work, which we’re going to put in the description box, and I also just wanted to say that in this dream world that we’re, and you have the opportunity to live your happy regardless of what’s going on in form as Jackie has expressed to us so well today. So just remember, forgive even if you don’t want to take responsibility, if you, if you don’t, if you don’t want to because you’re going to live a happier experience. Until next time everyone. Bye. Bye. Bye.