Maria Felipe:                        00:04                       Hi everyone and welcome to Live Your Happy TV. Do you see the smile on my face? I am so excited about today’s interview. Um, and I’ll share with you why I’ll just get right into it because I really want to cover a lot with our guest today. His name is Jim. He wrote, channeled an amazing book called the way of mastery and I want to speak to him about that today, but real quick before I introduce him, I went to Greece in 2014. Jennifer Hadley invited me to speak along side Gary Renard and Patricia Black and one of the participants there gave me or showed me this book. And as you can see it’s, it’s, it’s pretty big book as you can see it’s a little worn out because I have, I have been using it as you can see I have proof here. And when I first saw it I got very overwhelmed because it is, it is a big book.

Maria Felipe:                        01:01                       And I thought to myself, I’m not going to read that, you know, and this participant of this retreat told me that it’s really good that it’s like the course of miracles, but it’s more practical. Um, it’s easier to understand. The forgiveness process in the book is amazing. And I kept on like, yeah, whatever. I will never read that book because as you guys all know, I’m not a big reader even though I wrote a book, I really don’t like reading much and I get sent books from students and teachers all the time. Either teachers want me to endorse the book or students want me to read the book because it’s inspired them. So to make a long story short, because I could talk about this all day of the miracle of this, um, I had this amazing student. He’s from Puerto Rico, I forget his name right now.

Maria Felipe:                        01:48                       And he, he, he mailed me this book. He emailed me this book just a week after I got back from Greece and I opened the book and I was like, Holy Shit, what is this? This is amazing. And I’ll tell you why I love practical things. I love, I love books like this because they really are kind of, you can mingle in the world at an also understanding that you’re not of it. And that’s what I love about it. Also, I have to say, and I never speak highly of anything, but this really helped me. I started to do the processes and the book which I’m going to talk to Jim about, and I started to experience changes in my experience of consciousness, like literally immediate. Um, I started to reflect, inform my mind, and I was like, wow. So it is a book that you actually see changes in form right away. And I think that it’s just such a beautiful reflection of how the mind is so powerful and I feel that we escort miracle students. We kind of don’t want to be informed and I get that. But at the same time, it’s nice to see progress and to see that our mind is so powerful. So I’m just gonna get right into it. Jim, thank you for being here. As you can see, I’m very excited.

Maria Felipe:                        03:11                       I think it’s because I had the Cuban coffee too, you know, so I’m going to settle down now. So, um, as you can see, I have a couple of questions for you, but before we begin, I wanted to see what has come up for you as I shared or what I’ve shared about the book of how it’s touched me and I’m just whatever comes up for you that you want to talk about for the next few minutes.

Jayem:                                      03:36                       Okay. Can I have some major Cuban coffee?

Maria Felipe:                        03:42                       I’ll make you. I’ll make you some when we come visit. All right, that sounds good.

Jayem:                                      03:48                       Just a few things briefly before, um, before you begin with winter, wherever you want to go, I will follow that school. One thing that’s important to know is that the way of mastery book you’re holding is actually a collection of what should have been printed as three separate books, the way of the heart way of transformation in the way of knowing and what they actually are. Our transcriptions of live, what we called channeling the Joshua did. So there’s been no editing, no rewrites, no anything. It’s just his words. And very briefly, how this took place, he came to me in 1987, I know that’s a long time ago in the last century that some of us are older. I’m on this journey, I guess, but um, he spent about seven or eight years preparing me for a time when he would then take me out of the body completely and he would enter into it and use it as a teaching vehicle and communicate using.

Jayem:                                      05:00                       And it was so surreal. I would listen to the original recorded audio and I could recognize it was my voice, but it was not how my mind thought. It was like he was operating at a very different level of consciousness yet using the body when it would be done, he would say, we’re done for now. And he would bring me back to the body and I would experience it in a highly charged date of energy that would go on for hours and hours. I would go outside and take walks and I could literally see through trees, garages, everything was like luminescent and shimmering and light. And then gradually the frequency would drop. And I’d say, Jeshua, what? How come I can’t stay in that frequency? And being the wise teacher is he said, well, my brother, that would be a very good for you to live in.

Jayem:                                      05:59                       What is it that’s dropping your frequency or your capacity to be in form operating through the body, yet completely operating in the realms of light like he does so well. One night he had strep throat and was going to cancel the group that would come to our house because I’m sick. So my mind is saying, since I’m sick, this can’t happen. And he said, my brother, you are the one creating the experience of sickness. I don’t accept it, therefore there will be no problem. And sure enough when he came through into the body to teach every trace of the sickness vanished. And he went on for four or five hours. When he left, it came back. So it’s been quite an experience. So the whole point is that the first three books or what we’re calling the way of mastery, the way of master is actually a much broader, deeper pathway that he’s been unfolding for some time now. And those three books or transcriptions of the original audio recordings of impeaching live.

Maria Felipe:                        07:11                       Gotcha. So there were recorded when you were teaching, when he was channeling through you in your groups?

Jayem:                                      07:17                       Yes. Correct. Okay. And I was gone. I was completely oblivious to whatever he was doing.

Maria Felipe:                        07:24                       Wow. I noticed that because I see that the three books are in one, which I think what’s, what makes the book so thick and overwhelming for me because I don’t like to read. So I feel that it’s nice that they’re in three books. I’m sure they’re thinner, correct? Yes. Yes. So I think those are the ones that my manager Stephanie was talking about that they sell them individually. Um, so that’s good to know. I like it like this because you have all of it in one, but yeah. But I’m like, wow. It’s just, it’s a lot. And it just says a lot that I’ve been reading it and it’s because every time I read it I feel like how you said, I feel like an elevated in a way. When I finished reading it, which is kind of how I felt when I read the disappearance of the universe, I felt after I read that book, I was very in a whole nother, um, space energetically. And that’s what this, this, this, this, that over here. I want to call it the study here. We have the stud here. Um, it’s just so it’s the first book that I read,

Maria Felipe:                        08:25                       well, that I read in a long time that, um, that kinda calls me into this whole experience of how you were saying when you went outside and that you started to automatically experienced the world differently and it’s like you can feel bad or you can, you can have like a bad day or something could be off and I could sit with a book and all of a sudden my whole energy vibration changes. Even after I do like the five minute meditation have to tell you about the five minute meditation. I actually haven’t experienced it of where I did it for a whole year. Every single morning. It gives me goosebumps because I can’t believe I even did that because the course of miracles says that the mind is okay with mind wandering and then we have no constancy and no consistency. So was so interesting how I would get so much beautiful results that I would do it, but I did it every single day and automatically all these things started coming my way and I didn’t do it because I wanted things in form, but it was so beautiful to see it reflected.

Maria Felipe:                        09:26                       Like I think in one week I had like three, not even wanting it. Just three healing inner child participants, you know, that wanted to have healing and, and, and I feel that the book called that to me because of the state of consciousness I was in. So it’s just amazing because the course teaches and that’s something I want to talk about today. I know that it’s not about form or creating or creating the Mercedes or creating this, which is gonna be such a popular topic here. Um, because I think that a lot of people are doing that. So it goes to the first question, which actually is one of the questions that I feel I want to really exposing it out there because this is something that I feel a lot of core students struggle with and also also with this book which is called, which is this thing of the conflict of desire and trusting.

Maria Felipe:                        10:18                       So how can you be in the desire jam, for instance, like in the desire of wanting to create inform and at the same time trust. Does that make sense? So how can I be the desire, right? I wanted to. I desire. Let’s give you an example. I desire. For instance, Christian has this line of love rope, right? His, his jewelry line, I desire for love rope to make $10,000. I desire for it to be popular or whatever. And at the same time, trust and not want to manifest because this is not about manifesting six. So confusing this whole thing about that you’re in the world and you’re not of it, but at the same time you have to pay your rent. So that is the question because I feel that a lot of us suffer with that. I get it because I’ve been practicing it for a long time. Trusting and allowing spirit to show me the way and I think ultimately is not letting things informed define you. I think that’s the trick or that’s the answer, but I wanted to get your perspective of how you can have desire. I’m really want something inform and be okay with letting it go and allowing it to kind of flow, but but not having to control because I feel that we want to control or manipulate the outcome

Jayem:                                      11:40                       you’ve led. You’ve actually revealed a lot of the. Why is the answer for your question in how you stated it. Let’s begin first with just that in our current state of consciousness, we often experience conflict. Give that a deep breath and go, wow, I know that I’m wanting to awaken and surrender into the divine plan for me, which takes great trust, but the whole dream of separation began because we elected not to trust our creator and replaced it with our own dream. Our own substitutes are on idols, so we have what I think, and of course he told Helen, he referred to it as split mindedness, so the first step is just to accept that this is occurring within us. We do experience a split minded state. I’m in way of the heart as you know. He has a beautiful lesson on desire and learning how to fully accept the innocence of desire, learn to feel it fully be moved by it because this is what begins to happen as we give ourselves to our desire, whether it be a Mercedes, whether whatever it is in the world, it’s all innocent.

Jayem:                                      13:07                       It’s all beautiful. Our experience that unfolds from that desire will itself purify and deepen the soul’s true desire, which is to return to such trust that everything of time, body, breath, thought is utterly surrendered to God’s plan. Who alone really knows how to manifest and provide all that we need in our journey. So, so the. It’s a question of trust. We could just remember that of course, because I have separated and birthed fear, there is a part of me that actually doesn’t trust that the father will provide for all things and so we tried to insert our will via the energy of desire, but underneath it is the question of am I really willing to trust my creator? Now I can’t just simply give up like, okay, I’m not going to pay the rent this month. I’m going to sit here and let God handle it.

Jayem:                                      14:20                       Zach, that fact, quite the solution that I can get honest about the desire like wanting Christians creation to blossom and create income, beautiful. Now can we give ourselves to that trusting that everything that unfolds as a result of it will be orchestrated by the Holy Spirit in a way that deepens our own growth and shows us a little bit more of where our consciousness may not be trusting and come into a great alignment. One thing Joshua helped me to understand was there is nothing you create or attempt to make that cannot be offered to the Holy Spirit, and if you offer to the Holy Spirit, truly it will be used to serve the atonement, whether it be jewelry, a starbucks franchise or whatever it might be. Here we are in the world of are making. Can I take the world I’ve made an offer it to the Holy Spirit and move forward with my desire and knowing that this is how the Holy Spirit will orchestrate or we’ve exactly the most important learning lessons that helped last saw so we can trust our journey here in this world. We don’t need to oppose it or fight with it in any way.

Maria Felipe:                        15:51                       So this is what I’m hearing a little recap is that wanting things inform, you know, wanting to manifest or create inform such as the Mercedes such as a bracelet or any income. Isn’t that bad? You know, it’s not, it’s not bad. That’s the first thing. I feel that sometimes as a core student, even myself, sometimes I have felt, oh my God, I shouldn’t want that. You know? And I think that, I think that that actually doesn’t help because it’s like saying the same thing as telling a person that’s sick, hey, this world is not real. That’s not helpful because for that person it’s very real and it’s actually not loving either. So I feel that, you know, we are in a world of form and we are going to want things inform. That’s part of the duality. So I feel that the healing comes in, hey, it’s okay.

Maria Felipe:                        16:44                       I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m actually right now I’m, I’m, I’m feeling like I want this car. Right? And at the same time it’s being aware of it and, and, and working with it and understanding, I feel ultimately is that to come into this space of okay to understanding that at the end of the day, it’s not even about the car. Is that even about love rope? It’s not even about the money. It’s the experience is going to give you the lesson so that you can go ahead and remember that symbol and cry. Just saying that you’ve never left the mind of God. Exactly. That’s, that’s where we’re heading here. Right?

Jayem:                                      17:28                       Absolutely. If we, let’s stay right there because what you just shared is so very important. The mind in split mindedness can begin to say, read the course in miracles. Way of mastery. The same duality takes place in our consciousness regardless of the path we are attracted to, but yet in the course in way of mastery, makes it very clear. God is in everything I see. Love opposes nothing. It enfolds embraces, allows so that the forms of time become translated into what expresses and extends love. For instance, if you take a course in miracles and hold onto it, you’re holding a book. It exists in form. It’s written in English, tiny little, little letters and thin pages and lots of texts, but within it is that with serves the transformation of consciousness. So what’s wrong with it? Why I opposed it? It’s. It’s a beautiful gift that Christ Christ helped bring into form in order to reveal that God is in everything.

Jayem:                                      18:47                       I see. The power of love cannot be defeated by fear. So the symbols that we create in our lives are expressing really frequencies or vibrations of consciousness. We can learn to imbue all things with the choice for love and then offer them to the world until the Holy Spirit and in this way the a. At the end of the chorus, he says something very beautiful toward the end you said that heaven and earth will pass away, means only they will cease to exist as separate states. There’s no reason to oppose form or world or creation. Our goal is to collapse the ego so that creation through Christ, so fuses everything we can celebrate. We can enjoy our Cuban coffee going, oh my God, God is in everything I see.

Speaker 3:                               19:52                       I don’t feel I really do feel God as in my Cuban coffee, fine French wine, and

Jayem:                                      20:01                       so the whole point is we’re really on a journey of overcoming separation and realizing that only God is right here, right now, this cup of coffee. God is in everything I see, and one word you used as you were describing it, is something that he points out in way of mastery. You used the word, oh, I shouldn’t be wanting this, but that’s actually an act of opposing. Being honest with yourself and without a in the way of mastery says there are two qualities that we have to develop, which means in the dream of separation, we pushed them away. One of them is humility. I did not create myself, therefore what I call my life and my sense of it belongs to God, not to me. That’s humility. The second one is self honesty. Turn and become genuinely honest with what’s real. For us. I’m scared, I’m lonely. I do desire a business that succeeds. You know, that’s what’s real. Can I give it a breath? Relax and embrace it rather than opposing it. Offer it over to love so that it can be used for loves purposes. That’s what. And that’s when our, when our making begins to come into alignment with God’s creation, beauty and it reveals that God is, it helps everybody wake up.

Maria Felipe:                        21:40                       Yeah. I feel that’s, that’s very helpful. Um, because I feel that the eagle could, you know, we use it kind of like we feel guilty or guilt, you know, we’ll use it. For instance, like I’ll use my husband as an example. I feel that sometimes he, he feels like he, he’s rejecting his desire because he feels like, you know, he’s not supposed to do that, you know, the yesterday he said, well then what? Then I might as well just sit home and do nothing. And I go, well, that’s coming from the ego space because what happens is, is that it’s your, your, your cigarette actualizing it, you know, in the, in the mind. It’s been intellectually yet. It sounds like that. But no, it’s of the heart. It’s more of coming into your heart, which I think sometimes for men it’s hard because men are taught in society to be the providers.

Maria Felipe:                        22:28                       Especially now that he’s married, he has a child. So all of a sudden his papa bear’s coming out, you know, of I want to provide, um, the caveman. I need to go hunt. And he, he’s right now in such conflict of I need to provide for my family, but at the same time I’m supposed to trust. He’s like, what the fuck, you know? So I feel that what’s going on now is, is, is what’s it, what I’m hearing, which I feel it’s helpful and for viewers to know is first of all, to have you humility and one of them is to have self love and being loving towards yourself by accepting the feelings. And I feel that Christian doesn’t do that. He’s also German. So he’s taught to suppress his feelings and he, he, he doesn’t go there and I think will be so beautiful and it will be a healing for himself.

Maria Felipe:                        23:18                       And also the relationship to be like, Hey, I’m scared. I’m scared. Or I actually, you know what Maria, I would love for love rob to make 10 grand and kind of declare that and at this time, you know what? I’m willing. I’m willing to give it over to spirit. Now. I’m willing to let go of the fear and willing to let go of, of like this has to work, but at the same time get honest that he would love for it to work, that he will love for it to be successful. I feel like we our feelings and actually on the liver, you’re happy. In my book I talk about that. I talk about feeling your feelings is something that’s so vital for the healing and that is being spiritual. You know? I feel that what we do is, Oh, let me not feel my feelings.

Maria Felipe:                        23:59                       I want to be spiritual. I want to have cheerleader happiness. I want to pretend you know, instead of, I feel like shit right now. You know, I always say authenticity is sexy. It’s one of the sexiest things ever. When you really call yourself on your stuff, that’s what I’m hearing. I’m hearing one is two. It’s okay to want things of form and actually when we deny them, this is something I didn’t say. When we deny them, we’re denying the opportunity to heal because we can’t look at it. But when you look at it and you embrace it, you get to heal within that experience of that symbol. Like embracing that you want the Mercedes and going there and seeing where that takes you.

Maria Felipe:                        24:41                       So I think, I think it’s just, it’s so cool like the practicality of it, because I’m all about the practicality, you know, and I’m making this easy. I always say easy is normal in truth, in spirit, in Eagle, not so much, but when you start to, as you say in your book, in all three of them, um, as, as Joshua says through you so beautifully, is that it starts to get really easy when you do things with Holy Spirit and it, and it gets, it gets fun, more fun and more peaceful and more peaceful. Really. But, you know, I wanted to discuss with you, it takes something. You know, and what I, when I, when I say that is because I feel that a lot of people want change, but not really. Is that correct?

Jayem:                                      25:36                       Oh boy. Is it ever. I remember St Gustin who one of the Christian fathers as he wants it, became aware that his real prayer was, God grant me salvation, but not just yet. I don’t want to have to change because remember the ego. We’ve made it our identity. I am the thoughts of the ego. The Ego resists its own demise and change and sort of fear of change is actually a fear of the radical transfiguration in the seat of our soul from ego to Christ, but he has and that’s a journey we all go through. It’s like, yeah, I want more God, but I don’t want to have to feel my feelings, but love opposes nothing. And one of his core teachings is simply this. Love allows all things, trusts, all things, embraces all things. If I’m feeling fear and I tried to repress it or push it away, now I’m in Split. I’m not in a state of love and only love can heal. So say you’re mentioning we can use. Since Christian’s not here, we can use him as an example.

Maria Felipe:                        26:55                       Let’s do it.

Jayem:                                      26:57                       I had a friend that came to our Ashram in Bali. She was from Germany. She finally said, I think this work is taking the German right out of me because she was learning to feel and trust it all and know that God is even in my sadness, my fear that needs to be felt so I can recognize it so I can bring it like a child onto my lap and trust it, and when we embrace and feel fully, revelation and guidance always comes from that. But if we denied and push it away, we actually block the Holy Spirit from really coming into our lives. It’s pretty important to you and you said it beautifully. Learning to feel fully is an absolutely necessary step in a genuine spirituality because love opposes nothing.

Maria Felipe:                        27:58                       I also think that within the feeling is the awakening because I feel that that’s the best way is to, is within the feeling is when you start to, at least for me, I start to feel and I actually called Holy Spirit and to feel with me and um, it meets me where I’m at. Yes. And I feel its presence and its embrace and it shares things like I got to and I know this is really hard for you and understands, understands my needs and forum actually. And it’d be like, it was a point that have a funny story that after I had the baby, um, I was so overwhelmed and there was so much going on with sleep deprivation. There was a lot going on with scheduling, with understanding my baby while he’s crying. There was a lot of things going on and I call it, like I went straight to the spiritual university right away with him.

Maria Felipe:                        28:49                       And I started to play the spiritual limbics like I, it was like the time had come to really put this into practice, put the course of miracles and to practice in high gear even if I didn’t want to because if not I was gonna lose my mind. Not In a good way. Like I was losing my shit. What I did was, is that I started to be very mindful and I told Christian, listen, I need you to watch the baby for 30 minutes and I need to go meditate. Because this is what’s going on here. I have no communication with spirit right now. So I it to the nursery. I sat down with spirit and I literally sat with the Holy Spirit and I said, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit literally shut me down and said, I know exactly what you need. Don’t even waste your energy. I was like, what?

Maria Felipe:                        29:34                       He’s like, yeah. He’s like, he’s like, you’re just overtired. Don’t worry. You don’t even have to explain it. I exactly what you are asking of me before you even ask it and I’m here for you. And I was like, oh, let me go. I need to talk. That means I don’t need to think. No, you don’t get to talk. You don’t get to think. You just have to be. And I was like, wow. And that spirit. And I feel that that takes discipline. It takes practicing. It takes really wanting change. I mean, there is a point that you have to say in this experience of, of, of that we’re in, in the world, in this world that appeared, we appear to be in his.

Maria Felipe:                        30:18                       You have to really want it, you know, to to a point that you’re like, I’m done. I’m done with the suffering. I’m done without forgiving. I’m done with not taking responsibility of being a victim and I am ready to experience God and and I’m going to forgive you if even if I don’t want to and I’m going to take responsibility even if I don’t want to buy my little self. Of course you also, I’m going to go to the. I’m going to go over there to the other room, to the nursery and I’m going to meditate even if I don’t want to, even though I have better things to do. Right? So it’s just I think that that were so on discipline and that’s what I love about your books at that Joshua spoke through you in such a beautiful way again, is because they really help you with the processes to really practice and bring this into the experience and with live you’re happy.

Maria Felipe:                        31:12                       That’s why I call it live. You’re happy. It’s living it and embodying it without compromise any longer and that’s what ray mastery does. It brings you into living it so much soul in such a practical way that you get up in the morning, you go, this is my favorite process, actually share it in my and live and live your happy a little bit. I tweaked it a little bit of where you go in the bathroom and you brush your teeth and you feel yourself brushing your teeth and you just are pr. You practice it and you put your feet on the floor. You feel the floor. I mean, how many of us do that?

Jayem:                                      31:44                       Nobody. You’re actually speaking to the heart and soul and essence and Jeshua or Jesus’ message. Then it can be misunderstood. It’s easy to take some statements out of the course and misunderstand them as though love opposes form. It doesn’t. Our journey here is to come to know we are Christ. We can’t do that except exactly where we are. We’re here to incarnate love, not opposed farm hoping that we will then get to learn. If it’s not while we’re brushing our teeth, where are we going to go to find it? If it’s not in embracing sadness and trusting that this wave of energy is simply restoring me balance and wholeness in revelation, if I don’t find it here, where am I going to go to find it? If I don’t care enough to create the discipline to do it? He said, seek first the Kingdom of heaven and all things are added to take that time for meditation, prayer to bring everything going on with then you to the altar of the Holy Spirit to feel it. Trust without practice, we don’t really undergo the radical change that he’s calling us to.

Maria Felipe:                        33:16                       That’s beautiful. Talking about practice and discipline, which is what I’m hearing, there’s a lot of exercises in the book that that gesture jesuits shares with us. Actually a few of them in each section because we have the way of the heart, the way of transformation, the way of knowing. So within these sections, these chapters, there are different processes and exercises and my question is how can you do these without being overwhelmed? Because I feel that there’s so many of them and and for me, my mindset, my mindset is of course the egos like, oh my God, I have to do all of these or, or I need to do the right or all these like Dutchman and it gets very overwhelming. So for those people that are going to see the interview or have the book are going to buy it, I just would love for them to have an idea of how to do the exercises. So I’m processes they’re not overwhelming.

Jayem:                                      34:12                       Well, here’s the, the helpful answer. After being overwhelmed and struggling and fighting with it for years, you know, in my own studentship, if we remember that when you’re holding way of the heart, don’t be in a hurry and other words, what’s being presented to you is being given by him to you on your journey. And he very, he’s as you know, he’s such a master teacher in the way of mastery. He lays things out so beautifully. He invites us into a practice. If we just take a breath and go, this is all I need to be with just this one practice. Now and just become a good student and the words of the second practice, the stepping stones, they’ll come to us as we’re ready for them, but the, if you want to call it the success of say, the 29th practice that he gives depends on the quality of our students ship with the first one, so just with that and trust the Holy Spirit knows how to use my time with this to generate the deep inner alchemy at levels beyond which my mind can’t even grasp. That is what will open and prepare me for the second one. So did see it as a gentle journey. He’s taken our hand. He knows how to lay out the stepping stones. It’s just up to us to trust each one and not be in a hurry. And yes, the ego mind will go, I gotta get it right. Oh, this cannot be God’s thought. I can slow down and trust the process.

Maria Felipe:                        35:57                       Yeah. I think that within that process is, is, is actually also a practice because within you taking your time to read is also so helpful because they added know for me, I get so excited and I start reading and I’m like, I want to get to the next section there. That is the next title that is his calls me and I’m like, oh, I want to read over there. So it, it’s, it’s like, it’s like the ego doesn’t allow me to just be with the words that are at hand, you know, and then what I started to do was just what I did, which I’ll share with everyone here. What’s really great about what Joshua shares, it’s fun because he’ll say things like, why don’t you get a new journal and the new pen and put the journalist sacred space. And it gets really, really fun.

Maria Felipe:                        36:41                       So I did this. This is mine. This picture is Stephanie gave it to me. It’s from an artist called Nanette, which I’m actually going to have on this show in a few weeks. And um, she does this beautiful artwork. And um, so I put this on the Journal, this is a ninety nine cent store journal and I just put Jesus on it so it looks kind of fancy. And um, so actually this, I started this, this particular journal in January of Twenty 15, so this was the first thing and um, what I did was, is I would read a section so it would, I would force myself to read a section, whatever that section was and sometimes it wouldn’t be the whole section because it might be too long, so maybe I’ll read a paragraph or two, then I would write my interpretation or what I got out, what stood out for me for the lesson and how I would want to practice it. So I’m going to go ahead and just share anything that might come through here and, and if it gets a little racy, I’m sorry, you know, because I do get a little personal here so it’ll be entertaining. But let me see here what, let me just read a little excerpt. Um, um, let’s see here.

Maria Felipe:                        38:02                       Okay, this is cute. This is funny. So I put here. So let’s start here. So less than 13, so I dunno if we want to share, there’s different lessons, is that correct? Yeah, him,

Jayem:                                      38:14                       yeah. There are a series of 12 lessons, 12 and way of transformation. 11 in way of knowing.

Maria Felipe:                        38:22                       Okay. So it says your lesson 13. So I wrote here pure spirit. So I’m assuming that it’s, maybe that’s a title I put here, pure spirit. And then it says, um, I put, we’re not a body. There is more than the IC. I’ve looked through Christ’s eyes around the edges when I read this before I did it in my yoga class. So I practiced this actually my yoga classes, I remember it was hot yoga, um, and it brought my attention to the present moment automatically, right when I started doing that and I was not. And then I was in this attitude that it’s not all about me attitude. So I stopped. It was so cool because it wasn’t, it was, I felt like this. It’s like, here I am doing yoga and in quotations, look at me. It was so meaningful because it wasn’t about, look at me, you know, it was that even about me at that moment.

Maria Felipe:                        39:13                       It was all about extending love. Yes. I’ve also tried it in the car, although not not effectively yet. I am concerned about the person thinking I’m staring at them so that these are things that come up. Right. I will continue to practice this. I wrote, I like the way of fields and then a responsibility. So there’s a part that talks about responsibility. So I put, I assume responsibility for each moment what I am doing, thinking, etc. All that I experience is coming from me. I Am the creator. I can connect with other minds and send them love without saying a word. I will try this exercise on page one, 61 about the traffIc jam. So you talk about a traffic jam, right? So we’re at a traffic jam and and you say if you want to just share real quick, what is it that you say about traffic jams and the consciousness?

Jayem:                                      40:11                       What you mean when he says, yeah, what are you said? Sorry about that. What he says, I haven’t actually looked at that specifically for some time, but we can take any context and approach it differently. The traffic jam is an opportunity to attune, to send love, to feel what’s beyond the edges of our habitual experience. I’m lost in a traffic jam. Damn all over. my plan is being interrupted. Yet god’s plan is doing quite well. Yeah, you’ve been stopped and now you have an opportunity to radically change how you are in that moment. That’s what he’s trying to lead is to. We can attune to the drivers next to us. We can arrest in breath. We can actually. Well, frankly, there are infinite possibilities. We can actually hear the thoughts of others. We can see they’re a soul. All potentials reside within us. If we’re willing to just engage the practices so that that change can blossom.

Maria Felipe:                        41:19                       That sounds so much more delightful than sitting into traffic and making it very real.

Jayem:                                      41:27                       We’re actually makIng real is the belief that my plan should not be interrupted.

Maria Felipe:                        41:34                       That is such a great way. That’s a beautiful way to say it. It’s true. It’s. It’s like we’d rather be somewhere else, right? So wherever you thinking, we’re not even present. We’re just thinking of when we get home, we get when we get to cook that we wouldn’t want to be there. My god, look at that person, look at this track. Whatever I put here again, I’ve put um, this seems so cool. So that was experienced with the chat for dentists. I’m also going to tap into the outer edges, everything, um, and recognize I create my experience. I am responsible for my time and no one and nothing is, is accepted for me. Um, if I think or do something, it’s my choice. So again, it’s taking that responsibility, which I love what I’m doing on a daily basis. That doesn’t work for me. I guess there’s this, there’s this process of what doesn’t work for me, waking up late and thinking the same old kaka thoughts.

Maria Felipe:                        42:33                       So kaka his shit by the way up. So shit. Thoughts such as I can’t attract romantic love. So this is before I met christian. So this is going to get to goofy though. It’s impossible. I’m not good enough and something is wrong with me, so this is so beautiful because here is like I’m feeling my feelings and I’m getting really real about them. Not the real, but like I’m calling them out. Um, I stay in bed because I don’t want to face a world. I am fucking scared and that’s, that’s all changing though because I’m declaring now. So here I step into my power and it just makes me want to cry. Just thinking about it. I’m such a sensitive, sensitive person. I’m, I’m declaring, which is actually a quote in your book which I love. I am loved and I am loving and I am lovable forever.

Maria Felipe:                        43:28                       Some declaring that also I am committed to waking up early and change up my routine. Again, these are formed things, but these are foremen symbols that we use to wake up, like we can actually use it. Right? and then it says here, maybe go for a hike in a new place or work from my computer and another part of town I feel to play, to get out of my box. Also have fun wIth thinking about romantic love in another way, such as it’s easy, super easy. listen to this. Super easy to attract a hunky spiritual off the hook. Holy man. So this was in 2015 and I attracted christian in 2017 and I have to honky man’s. Now I have my hunky christian. I had my hunky army. So this book is off the chain. That’s all I got to save people and you go out and buy it because she was on fire through. Really,

Jayem:                                      44:32                       it really is. It’s a. I love what you said earlier. It’s practical. It brings a blossoming of genuine spirituality into what we call her ordinary moments and transforms our view of the world. We really do come to realize what he says in way of knowing you exist in the infinite loveliness of the mind of god. right here, right now. You’re in it, and as you allow your practice and your desire and devotion to transform your consciousness, it becomes clearer and clearer that the truth is true. Got it.

Maria Felipe:                        45:15                       Beautiful. I wanted to ask you before we wrap it up here is what spiritual teachers do you like or what? Who do you follow if you follow? I know dash was your spiritual teacher, but informed. For instance, I have a very close connection with equitable. I love the way he teaches. Um, so I was just wondering if there’s anybody in form, maybe an India or someone that you look up to. I’m just curious.

Jayem:                                      45:42                       Well, over the years there were of course yoganonda various indian teachers because my path began with meditation and yoga and all that. Joshua has really replaced all of them and I deeply appreciate anybody eckhart tolle or whoever is involved in the journey of growth and attempting to find ways to convey what they’ve discovered to be helpful for others. One joshua helped me understand was that, and maybe this would be a great way to wrap up. He said that the only difference between a master and a student is that the master never forgets. They are a student of god’s love so well. To cultivate ceaseless studentship and allow the love of god to unfold my consciousness into ever increasing awareness of god’s presence and the ability to be moved in and buy that. So anybody who’s out there teaching god blessed them and I just hope they always remembered to be a student and not fall into the trap of thinking they’ve already learned or that they’re done. So I just appreciate everybody, but I don’t really follow anybody. I trust that the holy spirit, oh, I know it now will bring to me precisely what I need in each moment. Could be an eckhart tolle, a quote, then it’ll show up in facebook, go, oh, let me take a breath with. This might be something from somebody else. So really jeshua is my main, my main guru teacher. And the holy spirit is the one teacher.

Maria Felipe:                        47:35                       Yeah. I’ve, uh, I’ve grown to realize that with my, uh, my spiritual path and that’s why I think I stopped having this desire to read books or, or even just because I felt that I, um, I really got because of my practice and with um, which much joy I share that I started to cultivate such a beautiful relationship with holy spirit through pathways of light, which is aware I went to ministerial school and they’re not. Their number one thing is the whole curriculum is to be able to hear the holy spirit voice and that here it’s more like have a relationship with holy spirit of where you constantly give things over. I like to say the second, within the second. And, and, and, and let, let yourself be guided. There’s somebody that asked yesterday, I’m on youtube, I’m on one of my videos actually with carol, how I had her on. And this beautiful lady says, well, well, how can I hear spirit? Um, and I think that that’s something that is very common that everybody asks. But I think that you can’t really intellectualize that because when you say, oh, here spirit, you’re like, well, you know, people think it’s like a voice, you know, what does that for you? When you hear the holy spirit, do you hear it clearly a channeled or how does, how does, how does it look like for you?

Jayem:                                      49:02                       It can come in many ways. As we learn to feel fully, the body itself becomes a, um, like a tuning fork and often the holy spirit’s guidance is so. It’s like striking a gong in the center of my heart that vibrates through my body and there’s just a clear knowing, go left, go right, do this, don’t do that. Sometimes it comes as a voice or a thought. Seeing clearly in the mind, in the mind screen and the mind. So we have to trust that the holy spirit, which is real briefly, the whole what we call the holy spirit, was a translation from jesuit original aramaic word sham. And the sham is the infinite light pouring from the creator that’s above us, around us and through us. If we’ll just let go of our own thinking and be willing to receive it so it’s in that pure light that is everywhere is the guidance in every moment.

Jayem:                                      50:15                       Breath is one of the most important things I’ve learned from joshua, the willingness to breathe deeply so that everything softens and opens as he says in of transformation. The body is simply the depth of unconsciousness that you have made with the power of the mind, so we learned to open and feel the body itself has transformed into this tuning fork. I don’t know how else to say it and we can literally feel we’ve become much more sensitive to the nuances of energy through which the holy spirit is speaking to us. It’s not just words or a voice, it’s often a resounding feeling and the quality that I’ve come to learn is of the holy spirit, is that it has always felt in the heart. It’s knowing is immediate. There’s nothing to explain or rationalize. There’s just simple knowing it’s time to give up chocolate for a week. Okay. There’s just a knowing that that’s the call and you simply follow that.

Maria Felipe:                        51:28                       Yeah. It’s like a feeling of, it’s like, you know, it’s the highest and best and there’s no really questioning it. It’s like, you know, that, you know, kind of feeling.

Jayem:                                      51:37                       No. It’s a note struck from a crystal glass. It’s immediate.

Maria Felipe:                        51:43                       Yeah. And it’s. I love. How do you call it? You said jim shim. Sham.

Jayem:                                      51:49                       Sham. We could spell it. Sag. Sham, the shim is everywhere. The light is around you, below you, above you. As you. If you set aside your own plan and thinking that light will provide for you the guidance and every moment.

Maria Felipe:                        52:11                       Yeah. Sham is, is beautiful, is gentle and loving and always going to meet us where we’re at. I’m going to go ahead and to close. I’m going to just open. Open this up so people can have like a little little, um, feel. And let’S see what spirit wants to share. Let’s see what dish will wants to share on the channel today. I’m okay.

Maria Felipe:                        52:39                       Alright, so I have this highlighted, so that already tells you something. Let’s see. So this is a practice. I don’t know what this thought or this image or this emotion or this memory is for, but I do know one thing I have made a commitment to reawaken as christ. Therefore, I will use this one moment, this one thought, this one passing phenomenon to practice what I was created for, to bless creation and thereby transform it into that which extends the good, the holy and the beautiful, infinitely eternally with joy, with innocence, with graciousness, with peace, and with marvel as a great mastery that love is, and that god is nothing else needs to be said exactly. Thank you so much for being here. I feel that this video is going to be very helpful. Um, and I love to collaborate with, um, with other of consciousness and this within the consciousness, um, to be able to wake up more and remember that we’re in the mind of god and that’s what really matters at the end of the day and in every moment and with every breath. Wonderful a dear brother. I love you and I appreciate you and, and I’m excited of what this video will bring to to us.

Maria Felipe:                        54:30                       For us, there’s only one of us. Exactly. Alright. Thank you. And I’m really happy to be able to be on this happy train with you. And as I like to do both of us, we go two, two, two, two. Oh, right. Thank you everyone. As you know, I’m going to go ahead and on the comments below. I will write where you can find these incredible books. Um, I’m. jim actually doesn’t take credit for writing this. He was very adamant about sharing that it came through jeshua and I love that. I love that. He doesn’t compromise that. That’s beautiful. So I just want you to know that if you google him, you probably won’t find them, which says everything because I tried to interview him and I didn’t know where to find them until I finally got on facebook. So you can actually find them on amazon. We will put that link on the comments and also, as you guys know, I wrote this beautiful book called live. You’re happy that got a lot of inspiration from the way of mastery and um, if you guys want to grab that as well, that’s available. Um, if that excites you, alright everyone love you. Until then, remember to live. You’re happy because you are worthy. It’s your inheritance and it’s your function. Bye bye.