Ready to be Happy? + 5min Journal Exercise

Are you truly READY to be happy? You might be wondering what happened. What changed that allowed me to recognize I was the love of my life? The truth is, before this happened, I really did not have any idea how my mind worked. I was studying the Course and other...

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How to Truly see Abundance + Bonus Prayer

Being an actress and TV host for all my adult life, I never had a steady income. I only made money when I booked a job. This helped me build trust in the flow of income in my life and the confidence to know that I am always provided for. There were times after my...

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Old Trust VS. New Trust

Old trust is the kind you learned growing up. It is the faith you place in your limited perceptions, such as: I am going to trust you because you seem like a good person. I am going to trust this situation because in the past it worked out, and so on. The old trust...

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How Our Thoughts Keep Us Stuck – 4min read

We must pay close attention to our ego thoughts. We make them real by giving life to them and believing them — but that means we can change them. What holds us back from doing what we feel called to do is not “out there,” but in- side. What holds us back,...

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4 Steps to Happiness – 5min read

Happiness is abundance. Happiness is peace. And happiness is love. What we often don't realize, or tend to forget, is that happiness is within us. We think that abundance, peace, and love are "out there" somewhere, and that we can't be happy until we find them. We get...

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Pinot Noir for the Higher Good – 7min Read

Pinot Noir for the Higher Good!The REAL story of the book When you give everything over to the Holy Spirit, where to go and what to do becomes obvious... and in my case, it feels easy! This was the case with my book Live Your Happy,published by New World Library in...

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What is the meaning of Life?

In one word: HAPPINESS! Happiness is our function. But it’s hard to keep our happy going while being attached to this world of separation, fear, lack and limitation. The good news is that you can see it another way — by recognizing that it is meaningless until we...

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Why Following your Happy = Key

“Excitement / Following your Happy is your body’s physical translation of the true core nature of who you really are HAPPINESS = YOUR ONLY FUNCTION The reason that we follow our happy is so important is that happiness is who and what you are. You are made of...

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